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We all know LinkedIn as a networking platform where you can connect to like-minded professionals across industries. But LinkedIn is also a great platform for ad campaigns and very few know about it. If you are confused about what to do then don’t be. We have a detailed guide for you about everything you need to understand before beginning.

Types of LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn has four different kinds of ad campaigns for you to choose from so that you can decide what works best for your brand and audience. You should consider several factors before choosing your ad campaign:

• Objective of your ad campaign

• Audience you want to target

• Your LinkedIn advertising budget

1. Sponsored Content

Sponsored LinkedIn ads appear right in the feed of your targeted audience. There are three kinds of formats for sponsored ads: single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. With sponsored ads, you can use profile-based, first-party data to target your choice of audience, reach a large number of audiences, drive leads, improve brand awareness, and relationship with the consumers. Always keep your ad copy short and use a clear call to action so that the viewers know what you want from them.

2. Message Ads

Message ads are a great way to reach every targeted audience personally via LinkedIn message. It is good for finding which company or person is taking action on your message. While using the message ad, optimize your profile to appear credible, and do not use more than 500 characters. Also, avoid using “not interested CTAs”.

3. Dynamic Ads

With dynamic LinkedIn ads, you can greatly personalize your ads. With Follower ads, you can encourage your target audience to follow you. With Spotlight ads, you can highlight an event or product. And with Job ads, you can call for talented applicants to your open positions.

4. Text Ads

These are effective pay-per-click ads. With these, you can launch your ad campaigns, connect with your audience through messages and images, and only pay for the ads that work.

How to Run a LinkedIn Ad Campaign

LinkedIn ads are easy to understand and simple to put to work. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Choose Your Objective

To run an effective ad, you need to decide what is the objective of your ad. LinkedIn allows you to choose from three objectives:

• Awareness: build brand awareness.

• Consideration: set targets around website visits, engagement, and views.

• Conversion: use ads for lead generation.

2. Set Your Targeting Criteria

LinkedIn allows you to choose your target audience based on various categories such as company name or size, job title, experience, school, interests, skills, etc. Start by choosing the location and language for your audience, then target them using the audience attributes. The more specific you are about your audience the better it is.

3. Choose Your Linked Ad Format

The next step is to choose a format for your ad. Each format has specific requirements that will appear under the format selection.

4. Schedule Your Ad and Set Your Budget

While setting your budget, you have the option to set a daily budget and both a daily and total budget. Keep in mind that the expense can go 20℅ above your budget depending on its timing.

5. Set up Conversion Tracking

Conversions are the actions that visitors take after watching your ad. To track your conversion, click on ‘+’ Add conversions. This will create a conversion page where you can name your conversion and enter your tracking parameters. Finally, select how you want to track your conversions, either with a site-wide Insight Tag or using an event-specific pixel.

6. Build Your Ad Creatives

Building creative ad content is easy on LinkedIn. Click ‘Create new ad’, upload your image, and add your headline, description, and URL. See a preview of your ad campaign on the right-hand side of the screen and when done, click ‘Create’.

7. Monitor and Optimize Your Ad Campaign

Using the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can track impressions, clicks, social actions, and budgets, both overall and for each campaign. With this, you can make data-driven decisions.


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