How to Run Successful Video Branding Campaigns?

Branding campaigns are often understated and ignored by marketers. Most marketers focus on campaigns that can generate leads and conversions. Directly jumping into sales-oriented strategies might give you some leads, but in the long run, your brand might get unnoticed by your target audience.

Branding helps you in driving traffic to your website and creating awareness. Brand awareness campaigns focus on reaching as many people as possible. A customer is more comfortable while purchasing your product when they are aware of your brand.

Running a branding campaign for a substantial period of time attracts the attention of your audience. Videos are the most engaging form of content on the internet and spreading your brand’s message via video is an effective strategy to catch more attention.

But in this never-ending world of videos, how can you make yourself get noticed? In this article, we are sharing some simple yet effective strategies you can follow to create a successful video branding campaign:

Evoke Emotions

Your branding video should communicate your message. The audience engages where they can connect emotionally. Just adding colorful animations will not be enough, make sure you something real. Make your audience connect with your brand by provoking emotions. When people connect with you emotionally, it makes your brand more memorable.

Start with storytelling

Storytelling is your best bet for your branding video. Good storytelling helps your viewers to absorb your message more efficiently. That is why explainer videos and animated videos are more popular among the audience. When you have a longer message to convey, storytelling is the best way not to bore your audience and communicate your message effectively.

Use an appropriate ratio of information and promotion

The key to grabbing your audience’s attention is to display your content in an appropriate proportion. Sometimes it’s okay to promote your content directly, but overdoing it can make your audience leave your video. The audience wants information that can benefit them in their day to day lives.

Add call to action

The ending of your video should display a call to action that provokes your audience to take action. Adding a call to action creates more engagement.

Keep your video short and engaging

Short videos tend to perform better across devices. The optimum length of your video should be 2-3 minutes. Social media users don’t search for videos; they accidentally come across them. The first five seconds of your video will decide whether your audience will watch your video or not.

Select different social media platforms for different videos

Every social media has different types of audience, and they tend to see what suits their taste.

  • A “Product Video” that showcases the features and uses of a product should be displayed on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The “Explainer Video” that educates your customers can be a perfect fit for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
  • The “Brand story” video that displays your brand values and the people behind your brand name will work wonders on Twitter and Facebook.
  • “Broadcasting Videos” is a perfect fit as “live video” and “Instagram stories”. These videos work best when you have something important to share with your audience.

Add some humor in your video

Your audience doesn’t want to feel bored while watching your video. Adding some fun elements can make your audience relate better with your video. Humor will help your video shine.

Nowadays, video marketing is trending. An active video branding strategy can do wonders for your brand if executed correctly.

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