How to Safely Buy Skincare Products Online?

The advent of the internet gave rise to e-commerce, and no industry benefitted from e-commerce like the skincare industry. Online shopping for skin products has grown so rapidly and tremendously that our favorite has become buying products online. Our internet search history is full of queries like online exfoliating Papaya face mask or buy jade face roller online. According to a 2013 survey, 57% of beauty consumers buy products online. But buying products online can be a whole different thing than buying products offline after testing them on your skin.


Why bother with safe buying?

The rise of e-commerce started a revolution. Every day there are thousands of skincare brands releasing millions of products. These brands may be genuine, but a human error is inevitable. Mislabeling of products and its’ ingredients is common. According to dermatologists, there are no wrong products, just a misinformed customer. So doing your research before buying anything is vital. There are a couple of questions you must ask yourself before you click the purchase button like is this product the best one available? How is it going to help me with my current issues? Is it suitable for my skin? Does it have any harmful side effects? If there is a positive response to all such questions, you can safely go ahead and buy the product.


How to buy safe products?

There are a lot of ways that can help you with the safe buying of skincare products. Some important ones are:

  • Know your skin type. Everybody’s genetics are different. Thus, so are their skin type. Hence each person is benefited from a specific product differently. The exfoliating papaya face mask that did wonders to your friends’ clogged pores problem might help you improve blood circulation to your face. It is crucial you know your skin type, what products are the best suited for that type, and how they can benefit you.
  • Don’t purchase according to discounts. There are so many offers and discounts available that sometimes we compromise on the product quality for the reduced price. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so compromising on the product quality is equal to compromising with your skin’s conditioning. When it comes to skincare products, only buy the best, which doesn’t always mean the most expensive ones.
  • Only buy from a trusted source. Due to the availability and the open nature of the internet, there are a lot of counterfeit products sold. These counterfeit are so identical that it is sometimes impossible for an ordinary person to differentiate them from the originals. The best way to prevent yourself from purchasing counterfeit products is to buy only from a verified and authentic seller.
  • Have a skincare routine that you made yourself. After trying a bunch of different face masks, you came to the conclusion that the exfoliating papaya face mask is best suited to you and has benefitted you the most. So you can easily integrate it into your existing routine. Do this with other products like serums, face wash, toner, etc. too, and see which product has benefitted you the most. If you build your skincare routine using this method, it will give you the best results. Also, make sure that you stick with this routine and do it consistently. You won’t see changes overnight, but you can see drastic good changes if you stick with it.


The next time you buy a jade face roller online, you know what you have to do to make sure you get the most use out of it.

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