An average hard drive contains a lot of private and confidential information, such as social security numbers, address, login credentials, etc. Even after erasing the hard drive, the data can be restored. Therefore, before you dispose of your computer, you need to wipe the hard disk drive. If you want to know the ways to recycle your old hard drive, then read on.

Wipe the computer hard drive

Make sure that you use software for wiping the hard drive. Before disposing of a hard drive, it viral to remove all the private data. There are several data-wiping software that you can choose from. Here are some reliable software you can use

  • DBAN
  • Nwipe
  • Eraser
  • Disk Wipe
  • Kill Disk

Use in-built tools to wipe the hard drive

Users can reformat their hard drives and wipe it. Almost all major operating systems come with inbuilt tools for wiping the drive. Windows users can use Disk Management, Mac users can use Disk Utility, and Ubuntu users can use Disks.

Destroy the hard drive physically

You can use physical force to destroy the hard drive. Before discarding the hard drive, you need to destroy it to secure the data and avoid data leakage.

  • Try hammering the hard disk

Well, go to your toolbox and get the hammer. Hit the hard disk with the hammer until it gets completely crushed. Make sure that the components cannot be re-assembled.

You can try burning the hard drive to dispose it of. This way, it will be completely unrecoverable. However, burning will cause fumes so ensure that the site is well ventilated.

  • Use a magnet

With a magnet, you can wipe out the servo track. You will have to bring a powerful magnet close to the HD, and the data will become corrupt.

Send the Hard Disk to its Manufacturer

In case you do not wish to disassemble the hard disk yourself, then you can just ship it to the manufacturing company, and they will recycle it. Just check the manufacturer’s guidelines and remove the hard drive. Put it in a package and ship it. Make sure that you pack it in bubble sheet to protect it from damages.

Recycle the Aluminum

  • Unscrew

Make sure that the label side faces up and take out the half a dozen screws using Torx 8*60 screwdriver. Find the screw that is hidden by the label, and use a small screwdriver to take it out.

  • Remove other screws and seal

Flip the hard disk and unscrew the remaining screws. With a knife or blade, cut the seal running along the corner of the hard disk on all its sides.

  • Remove the cover

Gently yet firmly uncover the hard drive. Now, with a screwdriver, remove all the remaining screws that you can see.

  • Take out the magnets

Get a flat headed screwdriver and take out the earth magnet. Now, remove the read/write arm. After that, take out the remaining magnet.

  • Take out the data disk

With the Torx screwdriver, you can take out the round plate which contains the data disk. Gently tug the retaining ring along with data disk out.

  • Unattach the motor

You need to take out the drive motor using a screwdriver. After that, you need to take out the rest of the magnets.

  • Recycle the metal

Now, all that remains is the metal. Just send it to the recycling center.

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