How to Save and Share Screenshots From Nintendo Switch

Although several people can easily take a screenshot from the Nintendo Switch. It is quite common that most struggle with sharing and saving screenshots into their phones. Anyone can easily learn all there is to it, through the following guidelines and become an expert in taking and saving screenshots on their phones from the Nintendo Switch so that they can share them.

How to Take a Screenshot with Nintendo Switch

Taking a screenshot is probably the easiest thing. To take a screenshot of what you’re doing, just press the square screencap button on the left Joy-Con, right below the bottom arrow of the directional pad. Press it and a screenshot will be taken and saved in the memory.

  • In order to record a video, just hold on to the same button, and a short video will be captured of whatever is on the screen.
  • To view screenshots, just go to the album.
  • In the Album, you can edit or post screenshots to any social media.

Saving and Sharing screenshots on Phone

One can save and share screenshots in more than one way, although it’s a bit complicated but still doable.

Social Media

This is easier one of the two methods and you don’t even need a card reader for this.

Just use your Facebook account, go to app settings, set Nintendo Switch Share to “Only Me”, then start sharing screenshots. As you have set your privacy to “Only Me”, no one else can see your posts.

After you have shared the screenshots on Facebook, you can easily access them through your phone. All you have to do is log in to your Facebook account and download all the screenshots that you have posted. There might be a loss in picture quality as uploading and downloading will probably cause a drop but other than that, this is way easier and better than using MicroSD cards to save and share screenshots.

MicroSD Card

The Switch will automatically save the screenshots to the MicroSD card. You can check if the screenshots are being saved into your card or not by going to the album app. All you have to do in the album app is open a photo and then go to the editing and posting option and select copy, then you can get to know if the photo is on the hard drive or the MicroSD card. If it’s not on the MicroSD card, then it can be copied from the hard drive.

After you have taken screenshots and stored them in your MicroSD card, transferring your files to your computer or laptop is quite easy. All you will need is a card reader. You can use the card reader to connect the card directly with the computer, which will treat it as a driver from where you can access all the screenshots that you have taken. After you have transferred the screenshots to your computer you can share them any way you want.

You can also use cloud services to upload files from your computer so that you can access them through your phone.

Once you get the screenshots transferred to your phone, you can do whatever you wish. Want to share something interesting with your friends? Or you want to upload it to some social media website? It’s all up to you.

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