How to Save Money on Russia Tour

Russia is a popular tourist destination in the world and also considered much inexpensive compared to other Eastern European countries. There are many easy ways that you can follow to save money on Russia Tours while enjoying every bit of this beautiful country.


Advance Booking

If you are about to visit Russia by flight then always choose cheap airline and book ticket at least six to eight weeks before the date of departure in order to save money. Almost every airlines offer generous discount when passenger book flight ticket in advance. You can carry light weight luggage to avoid extra luggage fee. Booking accommodation in advance is also a good idea for saving money. Hotels and resorts are delighted to lower down prices of rooms when you have reservation in advance.


Visit Off-season  

In off-season, all tourist destinations get two to three times cheaper than they are in peak season. Travelling in off-season will save you a lot of money. Spring time which starts on March and ends on May is the off-season of Russia tourism. Weather stays a little cold within this period but it is a quieter time in Russia with less tourist visit.


Using Subway Metro

Subway or metro in Russia is a cheap, fast and attractive way to travel different places. It is not only a better option but only option that can save you both money and time.  If you are about to visit different cities in Russia then train transportation service will be convenient and inexpensive for you. You can buy tickets in advance on the Russian Railway website and have no worries about paying any extra money to any third party or agency.



If you plan to stay more than one or two weeks in one city then finding a place with kitchen is a good idea. You can buy fresh food from local market and have breakfast and dinner at home within your budget. On the other hand, restaurants and pubs are excellent for having delicious Russian cuisine but they are a bit pricy. But there is an option called “business lunch” which includes a two or three course meal for a very reasonable price. This concept is for business people who want quick lunch break with fast service. But only downside is that customers can not hang around much longer after finishing their plate.


Free Entertainment

Finding free and famous tourist attractions in Russia is not a hard thing. There are many historic sites, cathedrals, monuments and museums of which some are absolutely free to visit like the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, the Alyosha statue in Murmansk and Lake Baikal in Siberia. You can also visit the Moscow metro station in the city centre which almost seems like a museum showcasing statues and painting from Russian and Soviet historical period. If you enjoy greenery then spending time or even a picnic in Gorky Park will be very delighting. The park offers free entrance as well as some fun activities like ice skating and ice hockey. Other than you can indulge yourself within its beautiful and serene nature.

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