How to Save Snapchat Snaps and Stories

Snapchat is an exciting and unique social media app. It allows you to connect with others through messages, snaps, and stories. Though, one thing that most of the users find annoying is that the snaps are no more there once you see them. We stumble upon some of the snaps that very good and wish to have them on our device. Even if you take the screenshot of the particular snap, the app will inform the other person that you took the screenshot.


However, if you want to save the snaps and stories from Snapchat, there’s a way. The process is not that simple, but you can do it by through the process below. Here’s how can you do it.

Get AZ Screen Recorder

You can easily save any Snapchat video in your device by downloading the ideal screen recorder app from the play store. One of the best app for this purpose is the AZ Screen Recorder. After installing this app, open it in your phone, and you will see a floating icon on the screen. Tap on the camera icon over there to start recording and launch the Snapchat app and open the particular video that you wish to have in your Smartphone. For stopping the recording, slide down the notification slider and tap on the dedicated stop button. The desired video will be successfully saved in your device.

If you are not able to understand, here’s the same method in steps for you:

1. Go to the Play Store and download the AZ Screen Recorder from there.

2. Install the apps after downloading and then open it to access.

3. Once opened, find the floating icon on the app.

4. Now open the Snapchat app on your phone.

5. You have to tap on the floating icon that you searched earlier, and then the camera icon to start the recording process.

6. Visit the notification section on the top and tap on the stop option for stopping the recording process.

There is one more way that you can try for recording your Snapchat content. Open the particular snap that you want to record and bring another device to record the same. It can be another Smartphone, camera, or tablet. This option might is not the best but you can try it if you want.

How to save own Snaps and Stories?

The process to save own snaps in Snapchat is very simple. You need to tap on the Save option available at the bottom section before sending the snap and after creating it. For saving own stories, go to your profile by tapping the profile button present in the top-left part and select the download option available with the story to keep it forever. If you want to see the saved content on the app, open the camera screen and swipe up. In this way, it is possible to save your own Snapchat stories and snaps in your phone easily.

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