How to Securely Use Apple Cash on iPhone

Apple Cash is a simple way to transfer money to your friends and family. Through this, you can receive money securely from your friends and family. Apple Pay is convenient and secure to purchase things in-store and online too. You can use Apple pay to send your amount to Bank directly, it will take 2-3 business days to transfer your money. If you want to transfer instantly, then you have to pay some charge. If you are using Apple Pay in your iPhone and Apple Watch, then you know about Apple Pay shown on the message application at the starting of conversation. You can directly send money via Apple Pay to your friend from message application. In this blog, we will teach you how you can send, receive, and request Apple Cash via Apple Pay and How you transfer money directly into your bank account.

Apple Cash Apple Card and  Apple Pay always ask you for a credit card. Sometimes it confuses you to choose your Card for payment. Remember that Apple Cash attaches with your Apple Pay. It mostly used in purchases in-store, website, and application. With the help of Apple Pay, you can send apple cash into your bank account. It is like work safe and smarter and attaches to your Apple ID. Anywhere you pay with Apple Pay, you need to Enter your password, or you can also use Touch ID and Face ID to verify your payment on behalf of your Device password setting.

With Apple Cash, you can send money to other peoples, and others send it to you. Easily, you can exchange cash via Apple Cash. Money received by the other people directly goes to your Apple Cash and secure in your device. This amount available in your Apple Cash application as an Apple Card, but actually, this is not a physical cart; it is a virtual card.

Apple Cash Set up on iPhone

If you are using Apple Pay into your device, then you only need to Set an Apple Cash card into your device. If you shake your device, then a circular color pattern appears on your device. This feature works together with the apple Cash to entertain you.

Here are the steps on how you can set up an Apple card into your device:-

  1. Hit on the Card, then choose the Set Up Now.
  2. The next screen appears on your device, tap on Continue. Within a few moments, a popup will appear on your screen.
  3. Tap the Continue icon. If you have not added any debit card on your iPhone, you need to add a debit card.
  4. If you have not added any Debit card, then you can’t send money because you don’t have any source to send the amount.

Sending Apple Cash

Here are the steps on how to send Apple Cash:-

  1. To transfer Apple cash, launch the Message application, and start a conversation with the person that you want to send money.
  2. Hit the Apple Pay icon that shows near the message section.
  3. Tap on the Plus and minus option to add the amount to send your beneficial.
  4. You can also add a message while payment that shows on the receiver screen along with payment.
  5. Check your transaction on your device, and tap on Send to confirm your payment. It is sown as a black circle with a white arrow.

Apple Cash on Apple Watch

Apple Cash is not only available to your iPhone, and you can use it with Apple watch.

Follow the steps to send or receive money using Apple Watch:-

  1. Launch the Message application, and tap on the Apple Pay icon.
  2. Turn on the Digital Crown to plus or minus money.
  3. Hit the Pay button.

Request Apple Cash

You can use Apple Cash to request money to your friends and family or someone that you want to ask.

here the steps on How you can request money to someone:-

  1. In the message, hit on the Apple Pay icon.
  2. Enter the amount that you want, then hit on the Request icon. You can also send a message, and it is a good idea to express your needs.
  3. After this process, tap on Send.

Receive and Transfer Apple Cash Into Bank

It is safe and secure while doing transactions via Apple Cash, and you can send your money directly to your bank account. If you set up apple Cash tied with your Bank account when automatically your received amount via Apple Cash goes into your bank account.

Here are the steps on how you can send your money into your bank account:-

  1. Launch the Wallet application and hit the Apple Cash icon.
  2. When the next screen appears on your device, hit the black circle that shown on the top of your device screen.
  3. Find and hit the Transfer to the Bank icon.
  4. Select 1-3 business days. It takes 1-3 business days to transfer your amount into your bank account, or you want the instant payment you need to pay some extra charges.
  5. Remember that to add the account in your device, if you have not added, then follow the steps to add your bank account on your screen.
  6. Confirm your setting With Face ID Touch ID or Apple Passcode. Then wait for a few minutes to transfer the money for instant Transfer or 2-3 days for a standard transfer.
  7. An instant transfer can take 30 minutes to transfer your amount into your bank account and charge a % processing charge.

Cancel Apple Cash Payment

Cancel payment option is used when you transfer any amount to your benefit and amount not successfully send to the beneficial. Now you can cancel the transaction

Steps on how to cancel Apple Cash Payment:-

  1. Launch the message application and search for the payment that you want to cancel. It can show in the Latest transactions in the apple cash card wallet application.
  2. Hit on the payment that you want to cancel but first check the transaction status.
  3. If payment notes are made, then you can cancel the payment by tapping on Cancel Payment. If the transaction has been completed, you can cancel the payment.


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