How to select a Gasket Maker

Gasket makers or flange sealants are used to seal fluid systems within an automobile setup and are a great alternate to traditional gaskets, which are used to form a seal and avoid leakages. Traditional gaskets are made up of compressible materials that can squeeze and this allows them to form a seal and protect fluid systems that are prone to leakages. But not all fluid systems need a traditional gasket for sealing which is expensive as well as requires a time consuming process for its installation.

Gasket makers is a good option for automobile manufacturers or service, as they are effective and saves a whole lot of time and money as when compared to traditional gaskets

Applications of Gasket Makers

Gasket Makers are used by car and truck manufacturers for its use in oil pans, differential covers, etc. They are also used in factory setup which consists tons of fluid systems. These fluid systems are made up of valve, piping, pumps and other components and are prone to leakages which are prevented through the use of flange sealants or gasket makers or gaskets. They are also used in service of a vehicle to replace the old seal or gasket.

Types of Gasket Makers

Choosing a gasket maker depends on the following factors:

· Assemblies being sealed

· Fluids involved

· Operating pressures and temperatures

· Gap tolerance

· Time before the vehicle must return to service after application of gasket maker

Based on the applications, these are commonly used types:

RTV Silicone

These are formulated for high temp applications or for heavy duty uses (such as towing, etc.). Replaces any cut gaskets by making reliable “formed- in- place” gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking and migrating caused by thermal cycling. These gasket makers can work in situations up to 700 degrees and can resist auto and shop fluids.


These gasket makers are developed to satisfy OEM needs for non-corrosive sealing in metal-to-metal situations. They’re used in situations where a replacement is not available or where there never was a gasket. These gasket makers are ideal to use on aluminium, iron and steel flanged mating surfaces.

Solvent-based Gaskets

These are recommended for uses where your seal may be frequently exposed to gasoline. This happens frequently with motorcycles, powersport and small engines. These gasket makers are ideal for such situation

Depending on the above types you have to find an ideal gasket maker for your need.

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