How to Sell Liquidation Stock of Branded Clothes Online?

Branded clothes dominate the primary fashion and apparel market. Owing to the big craze of branded clothes among the youngsters, they are the best-selling items when you offer them at cheaper rates than the branded showrooms. So, you can make big profits by selling liquidation stock of branded clothes online. This can be the best trick to tap into your lock market and bring branded clothes into the hands of your customers. Here, we are going to discuss how to sell branded clothes in liquidation sales online.

Ensure Authentication

Beware of buying knock-off or counterfeit branded clothes. That is why authenticating your liquidation stock is a crucial step. Understand what you are looking for and source your branded clothes carefully whether you are buying from liquidation auctions online or offline. You can use several tell-tale signs to identify a fake product, such as linings, buckles, color, texture, and others. Real leather tends to fade over time, while fake leather remains the same because it is made up of synthetic materials. If you specialize in vintage items, be careful while dating them and determining their authenticity.

Click Quality Photographs

Take time to take some good photographs of the branded clothes under good lighting. A DSLR or a phone with a good camera will do the trick. Identify any wear and tear and be clear about the merchandise’s condition. One crucial thing to note is whether it is used or a new item with tags.

Invest in Branding and Packaging

If you want to gain a reputation as a reliable and trusted seller of branded clothes, it’s worth spending some amount on a few trade tools. For instance, good quality and sturdy boxes, tapes, tissue paper, security tag removers, stain removers, etc. Go one step further by adding thank you cards for your customers and asking for reviews with a link.

Get Repairs Done If Necessary

If there are minor defects in the items, get them repaired professionally so that you can price them higher. If you are buying older, customer returns, or used pieces, repairing them before putting them for sale will be worth it. It may cost a bit but repairing them can fix a ruined zipper or remove a stain, thereby increasing your profit.

Research Where to Sell

Pick a reselling platform where you can find the right audience. Find out if shoppers are looking for items that you are selling. Do some research and find out where you can get the best prices for your liquidation stock.

Price Accurately

Find out how other sellers have priced similar items. Take seasonality in mind when new collections might be dropping. How readily available the items are? Is it still lying in the stores or has a limited release? Also, take into account any seller’s fees, how much did you pay, and what shipping cost you paid? Obviously, brand name and condition also play a crucial role while pricing your liquidation stock.

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