How To Sell Partially Used Gift Cards for Cash

Many people trade gift cards for cash on different platforms. If you’re interested but don’t know where to start, read on to become aware of the how’s, dos, and don’ts of selling gift cards.


As a beginner, you probably have many questions. Can you still sell partially used gift cards? How much money can you earn? How can you make sure that the transaction is safe? These are some of the common concerns regarding the topic, and they will all be answered by the information below. So before you trade gift cards for cash, take note of these things:


Go back to the issuing merchant 

One of the first things you can try is to sell the partially used gift card back to the issuing merchant or store. They may have a refund program that lets people exchange their partially used gift cards for cash. However, this doesn’t work for every merchant. For example, eBay doesn’t allow people to redeem their cards for cash. However, their gift cards don’t expire.


Sell through a trading app or website

If the merchant doesn’t allow refunds, then take the other route. Sell through a trading app! But beware: There are plenty of scams related to buying and selling gift cards. To protect yourself, avoid posting your cards on your personal social media accounts or marketplaces where you may be targeted by fake buyers. The best way to prevent getting scammed is to trade gift cards for cash using a reputable platform. There, it is easier to find interested buyers as well as gift cards that you want to buy.


Make sure the site is proven to be secure and safe  

You want to make sure that the platform is safe and secure prior to selling your partially used gift cards. One of the ways to check is to read reviews. Based on their feedback and personal experience, you can tell whether the app is trustworthy or not.


Compare rates 

You are probably wondering how much you can get when you trade gift cards for cash. It will depend on the amount left on your partially used card. It will also be affected by the fees charged by the platform you are using. That’s why you have to compare rates.


Consider the types of gift cards that the app accepts 

It’s hard to find a trading app that accepts all types of gift cards for cash. To avoid disappointment, be sure to check their list of cards to see if yours is included.


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