How to Set Up Folders and Group Apps on iPhone

Creating folders is a terrific way of reducing your phone’s clutter. Grouping applications will make it easier for you to use the phone. It isn’t all that easy to set up the folders. Although it is straightforward when you do it once. Go through these steps to make folders on iPhone

How to create the “Folders” and “Group Apps” on your iOS smartphone

How to Set Up Folders and Group Apps on iPhone

  1. At least two of the applications are required to be placed into the folder.
  2. Select the apps.
  3. Click and hold any of the applications till all apps on display start to shake.
  4. It is the same process that is needed for arranging the apps again.
  5. Pull one of the applications on the roof.
  6. When the application starts to merge to the second one, then merely take a finger off the screen.
  7. It will set up the folder.
  8. Whatever next will be presented will vary on what version you have been running currently.
  9. In iOS 7 and later, folder and some of the proposed names will cover up the complete screen.
  10. If it is iOS4-6, then two apps will be shown.
  11. Users can edit folder name by just clicking on the name.
  12. They can even use the onscreen keyboard.
  13. When you have to add more applications to a folder, then click wallpaper for minimizing folder.
  14. Now to the new folder, drag more applications.
  15. Tap the Home button when you are done with adding and editing all applications.
  16. Your modifications will be redeemed.
  17. If users require to update an already existing folder.
  18. Click, press the folder till it starts to depart.
  19. Click it one more time, and the file is open.
  20. The screen will get filled by the contents.
  21. Click the text and edit name of the folder.
  22. Drag all the apps and add more.
  23. Tap the Home button and save the changes.

How are the names of the folder suggested?

iPhone itself assigns a name when you set up a folder. The title will be chosen based on the category of the app. An example- if the application is coming from the “Games section” of Application Store. Recommended name of the folder will be Games only. Users can either use the suggested name, or they can add their own as per the convenience.

How to Add the folders to Dock of iPhone?

  1. The dock is towards the bottom of the iPhone, the one with four apps.
  2. If you want to attach folders dock, then users can do it. Follow the below-given procedure:
  3. Drag one current app in the dock and move it towards the central region of the “home screen.”
  4. To an empty space, drag folder.
  5. Tap the “Home Button” for saving the modifications.

How to create the “Folders on iPhone 6S, 7, 8 and x”?

It is little difficult to set up the folders on iPhone 6s and 7, 8 and iPhone X. It is due to the 3D Touch screen. It acts differently to different taps on the screen. Do not press too hard; a light tap is enough.

How to Remove the Apps from the folders?

  1. Click and hold the folder that you require to remove the app.
  2. Remove the app by tapping the folder.
  3. From the folder, drag the app out onto Homescreen.
  4. Tap Home Screen and save.

How to Delete Folder on iPhone?

Removing an app is way too similar to Deleting a folder.

  1. Just drag applications from the folder to the home screen.
  2. The folder will disappear while doing this.
  3. Just save the changes by pressing the Home Screen.

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