How To Set Up Touch ID On iPhone?

Earlier, the iPhone security only consisted of putting a password and using ‘Find My iPhone’ to trace the iPhone that is not with you. After the launch of iPhone 5S, a new revolution to the Apple security has been marked. All credit goes to the starting of the ‘Touch ID fingerprint scanner’.

The method of setting up Touch ID

After ensuring that you have the right hardware, follow the given below instructions carefully.

  1. Firstly, click on the Settings application that is placed your home itself.
  2. Then, click on General.
  3. After that, press on Touch ID and Passcode.
  4. Next, put the passcode.
  5. Press on Fingerprints.
  6. Lastly, click on Add a fingerprint.

The method of scanning fingerprint with touch ID

For doing a complete scanning of your fingerprint, follow the given below instructions properly.

  1. Decide the finger that you would like scanning.
  2. Place your finger softly on the Home button.

 Note: You should not tap the Home button. Otherwise, it will lead to failure of your scanning.

  • Next, wait for your iPhone to vibrate.
  • After your iPhone vibrates, raise your finger from the Touch ID scanner.
  • Then, put it one more time.
  • Do this once again.

Note: Every time you need to put the finger on the scanner in a bit different angle. The lines that are of red will tell you about your progress of it.

  • After this major scan gets over, then you require for doing scanning of the finger edges.
  • Next, do above steps one more time but this time by using the side and top, etc.
  • Lastly, wait for the scanning to get done entirely.

Touch ID Settings

After the scanning work is done, you’ll visit the Touch ID settings screen. From there, you require to do the given below modifications:

  1. Firstly, enable the iPhone to unlock so that you can open the iOS device with Touch ID.
  2. Then, enable Apple to pay so that it uses only your fingerprint to support each purchase from Apple Pay.
  3. Next, enable the iTunes and App store by switching it on. This will let your fingerprint to be used in place of a password whenever you are purchasing anything from the iTunes and App Store. Fortunately, the typing of a password can be avoided.
  4. Lastly, there are in total, two different ways to delete a fingerprint. In the first one, you need to slide your finger left side across the fingerprint and press on the Delete option. And the second way is to put your fingerprint, and after it, you have to click on Delete Fingerprint.

Congratulations! Now you are done with the setting up of your Touch ID.

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