How to Setup Canon PIXMA MG2922 with an Android?

On changing the technological dimension each and every second, mobile devices have been playing a vital role and can be fit into any challenging task. Thanks to the digital tech transformation! So keeping up with the technological tide of change, Canon has been integrated its recent printer models with advanced software so that you can seamlessly print copy, and scan documents from a range of mobile devices. For example, some would be interested in the Canon PIXMA MG2922 wireless setup using an Android device.

Nevertheless, if you’ve somehow failed to figure out how to setup Canon PIXMA MG2922 on your own, you can do it by the following simple techniques.

How to Setup Canon PIXMA MG2922 with an Android

Wireless Canon MG2922 Printer Setup on an Android Device

Step 1: Plug in the Printer’s power cord to an electric outlet then press the Power button to turn on the device. The green Power Lamp adjacent to the Power button will illuminate once the Printer is on.

Step 2: Wait for the WiFi light to flashes to indicate that it’s on. On the off chance, the Wi-Fi light is steady or off, long-press the Wi-Fi button. Hang tight for the amber Alarm light to blink twice before releasing the Wi-Fi button.

Step 3: Launch the Canon print app on your Android device and follow any on-screen instructions that appear. On the Main Screen, navigate through Add Printer icon > Register Printer > Setup > Select Connection Method > Connect via Wireless Router.

Step 4: Once you’re connected, the Android device sends the Network Settings to your Printer. Tap “OK” if the “Sent the settings” pops up on your screen.

Step 5: Confirm that the Printer is detected. It will be ideal if you tap on the name of your Printer once it gets noticeable on the screen. Doing this will set and connect your Printer to the device. When a message pops up on your screen, tap OK.

Step 6: Conduct a test print to verify that the Canon Wireless printer Setup MG2922 with your Android device is successful.

This is how you can setup your printer wirelessly on your Android device. If any issue comes up, you can try out the Canon MG2922 Troubleshooting feature to fix the problem.

What If You Need Any Help from a Technical Expert Team?

If you need any guidance or assistance from an expert regarding the Canon PIXMA Wireless Printer Setup, you can contact our team straight away.

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