How to Share Sexual Happiness with Your Followers in Your Photos & Videos?

Sex is an integral part of your life. You cannot deny that. However, if you want to live a happy sex life, then you and your partner need to be in sync with each other during sexual activities. Now, if you are an adult content creator, then you have to be sexually happy in your sex life. Otherwise, the things you portray through your photos and videos of sex will not be credible to your audience. Buy Videos

Now, as a creator, you would be looking to understand how you can share your happy sex life with your audience. Look, to answer this, you have to understand two basic things. First, how you can be happy with your sex life and the second, how you would share it with your audience without making them feel that you are over exaggerating things. This is a very important thing that creators forget.

To portray how happy they are, sexually, they seem to exaggerate things in their pictures and photos and ultimately, their audience finds out the reality. Thus, their followers reduce significantly. You don’t in a competitive adult content sharing platform like That is why, in this article, we will delve deep and figure out how you can be sexually happy and also, share it with your audience.

1. Sexual Happiness: The Connection between Partners

If you are one of those who share adult content on along with your partner, then there is one thing you have to be careful of. You and your partner need to be sexually happy with each other. Both of you need to share a sexual connection with each other that will fill your sex life with happiness. And, it will not happen in one day. You have to keep working on your sex life. However, there are certain things that you can do to have a better sexual connection.


One of the main things that will surely help you in making your sex life better with your partner is communication. Look, many partners don’t like to talk about sex. However, for them, talking about sex is like talking dirty. But, that is not the truth at all. You don’t have to talk dirty to talk about sex.

You and your partner need to bring out a schedule every week where you two can sit together and talk about sex. If you have any sexual desire or needs, you shouldn’t hold back. You should talk to your partner openly about sexual needs and what you believe is lacking in your sex life. Trust this, it will work amazingly.


In a couple’s relationship, understanding is the foundation that makes the relationship strong. However, every couple thinks that mental understanding is enough to live a good life together. But, it’s not. You and your partner need to have a certain amount of sexual understanding as well.

It means one partner should understand the sexual need of the other partner without judging them on the basis of his or her preconceived notion. This understanding will create a base for you and your partner from where you two can truly achieve that sexual happiness that every couple craves.


Once you have understood the sexual needs of your partner and your partner has done the same, it is time to fulfil those needs. Look, sexual desire has no limits. So, if it is something that you cannot do, tell your partner and he or she needs to understand that as well.

However, if there is something that you and your partner can do, you should try it with all your heart. Once you try and explore various sexual acts, it will ensure that you and your partner’s sex life aren’t boring at all. And, you will realize things about sexuality that you would have never understood before.


Once you and your partner have explored the sexual needs of each other after communicating and understanding, it will be time for the verdict. And, the verdict should be based on absolute honesty. Each partner should convey to the other what things he or she liked and disliked.

In this way, partners will get to know each other and their sexual preferences even more. That is why you have to understand that to be sexually happy with your partner; you have to be honest with him or her. It will lead you to great sexual happiness and satisfaction.

2. Share Sexual Happiness with the Audience

When it comes to sharing sexual happiness with your audience, you have to remember a few key things. The first is to be sexually happy. If you are not actually happy, then it will be difficult for you and your partner to portray that in photos and videos. After that, here are a few important pointers that you two have to keep in mind. Amateur Photos

Stop Acting

When you are looking to upload a video of yours at, you have to make sure that you are not acting to make other people believe that you are sexually happy. If you make things as if you are performing, then it will not be credible for the audience.

Be Real

As you are an amateur creator of adult content, you have to be real in your photos and videos. If you pretend to be happy, then your audience won’t like it. That is why stay as real as you can to your audience while you share sexual happiness.

Show Intimacy

One thing that lacks in porn is intimacy. And, most people crave one intimate scene among their favourite creators. If you can deliver it through your photos and videos on, then your audience will love it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is up to the creator how he or she would want to portray sexual happiness. But, if that portrayal of sexual happiness is based on truth and honesty, then you can rest assured your followers will admire your work more than ever.

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