How to ship your car from New York to Florida

If you’re getting ready for a seasonal trip down to Florida to avoid a New York winter or if you’re moving from the Big Apple to the Sunshine State, you’ll have a long journey ahead of you. At least a thousand miles separate Florida and New York, or approximately a 22-hour drive. It can be hard enough to move yourself across that distance. What about the belongings that can fit in your suitcase or a cardboard box? More specifically, what about your car?

While it is possible to drive from New York to Florida, around 3,000 people a year choose to trust their car to car transporters and ship their cars across the country. You read that right; you can ship your car from New York to Florida. Most of this car transport is from “snowbirds,” New Yorkers who spend their winters in Florida. But no matter your reasoning for car shipping, here’s how to do it.

It’s best to first do research into several different auto transport companies and get quotes for your car shipping to compare. You can either use an auto transport broker or take the time to contact different car carriers yourself. Ask your chosen auto transport company lots of questions. Unreliable car transporters can be found everywhere on the Internet. Make sure to ask for your auto transport’s Department of Transportation number. Every legitimate auto transport company must be registered with the DOT.

When selecting your car transporter, you will have to decide how your car will be shipped, whether open or enclosed. Enclosed shipping is usually more expensive but will offer more protection for your vehicle than open shipping. Be sure to ask your car transporter what insurance they have should your car be damaged during shipping. Most auto insurance policies will not cover damage that occurred during shipping, so that becomes the auto transport’s responsibility. When you ship your car, you will require a bill of lading which will document your car’s condition before and after shipping and be your proof of delivery. If you do not mark any new damage on your bill of lading, you may not be able to be reimbursed by your auto transport’s insurance company.

Begin your research early. If you want to avoid higher prices, avoid the busier months of October and April, be flexible with your schedule and with your pick up and delivery locations. You will pay less to pick up your car at a bigger city and drive it to your residence rather than have it directly delivered.

Shipping your car from New York to Florida will take an average of three days, but make sure you have the time available for it to take longer. Car shipping isn’t the same as Amazon Prime shipping. Bad weather, truck breakdowns, traffic, and more can delay your car transporter and your car. The earlier you schedule your car shipping, the more likely you will be able to schedule it at the time most convenient to you.

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