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Lemont and many cheap nfl jerseys from china coaches, assistants and executives have partnerships, including Jon Gruden, Doug Pederson, Andy Reid, Howie Roseman, Rick Spielman, Tom Telesco. At present, two candidates that may become a small horse coach Frank Reich and Leslie Frazier are also in Laommont.

In the first four games of this season, Mossus is hot, achieving 5 killing, 1 copy and 4 times forcing the ball. But after another, his performance has fallen, especially after teammates J.J. Watt (J. J.Watt) injured after lack. Before the regular season, Mosruz got a total of 7.5 times of killing 2 times.

In addition to contingency with Mossus, Texas also worked with Bryan Anger for 3 years. In the first season of the team, Angel played outstanding, with an average of 44.1 yards per abandonment, creating a new career, 21 abandoned kicking into the opponent 20 yards. In his 40 abandoned Zhongdizhou people, only let the opponent attack 44 yards.

Wentz said: “Things have developed a lot of variables, but I choose to believe them and let them do the right thing I have confidence in the way their operations, although I did not fully regardless of whether, but do not let yourself too much involved. I focus more on off-season and the team were training together, the final outcome is welcomed. “

Texas people and outside Wai Mooseus and abandoned player Angel renewal

The Houston Texas is signed a $ 54 million renewal contract in 4 years, including $ 28.5 million in guarantee income in WHITNEY MERCILUS.

General Manager of Texas denied that it is talking to Hopkins to negotiate

Houstown Texas people’s star entry Deandre Hopkins have previously refused to travel to training due to dissatisfaction with existing contracts, but he only went to return to the training camp for a day. After that, the conventional circulation of Texas is talking to the Continue contract with Hopkins, but recently, the general manager of Texas people, Rick Smith, which is publicized to the media, does not renew in advance.

Smith said in an interview: “There is no consultation between the renewal contract between us and Hopkins, after all, his rookie contract is still two years.” Texas Boss Bob – McNel (Bob McNair also said that when it is appropriate, I will discuss the new contract with Hopkins, but this time is obviously not now.

US Sunday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, the raid people have added this old to joining the injury reserves. But both sides are conducting consultations, Martin is expected to be cut off soon.

First of all, I am not optimistic about the quarter, not only because of the limited strength, and like the team of the bear team, Tusseki may play very efficient, but it is very difficult. The outer junctions will not be mentioned. At the position of the running guard, Cook and Mickson can quickly hit the main force, but they have Ratvius Murray, Jeremy-Hill and Giova. Ni-Bernard This class is old, and the two teams will implement the “Run Committee” system, and young people are hard to take their heads. Compared with the above players, Leonard-Fune del owrals of the Jiyan Dianzi, due to the advantages of other competitors, the four-point guard position, the four Xi Leonard – Fonte will quickly Sitting on the position of the entrance, if he can get the treatment of Yemper Elliott last season, then the trophy will not be him. Although the Jenan Tiger offense is far more than the cowboy, Fu Nanet is very difficult to become Elliott’s level, but if Fune specially cut a 1400+ mushroom 8+ reachaes, the best attack The new show should have not ran.

The renewal of Mossus can consolidate the passball impact level in the future. Beginning in this season, Texas traded Jadeon Clowney to the Seattle Hawks, while Watt repeatedly injured in these years. Mossrew has been stable.

The candidate for “injury returns” is a great conference: JJ-Watt (Texas), Rob – Gronzki (Patriot), Jamal-Charles (Wild Horse), Robert-Quiin (Ram), Dai Smemmund Trudanda (Falcon). Welcome to the 2nd Spring of your career, you will be: Camper – Newton (Black Leopard), Jay-Carter (Dolphin), Adrian Peterson (Saint), Elays Manning (Giant) .

This is a single proportion of data, saying that it is not good to listen, and who can win the prize. In addition, there is only one non-quarter-free, running guards in history, and “Wei Zhen Tian”, which is as strong as the 2012 season, has not been able to win this. prize.

Marshawn Lynch was taken away by the injury, Martin got more punch tasks. The initial raids did not have to choose to leave him, but turned to try Aliaah Crowell (ISAIAH Crowell). However, after Croovil, I suffered from tear injuries, and the raid people gave Martin a year of $ 1020 million contracts.

Quarterback Wentz: Eagle’s culture and that suits me

After Beijing June 11 hearing on Thursday and the team signed a new $ 128 million contract, quarterback Carson – Wentz (Carson Wentz) on Monday dwell on his decision to stay with the team.

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