How to Sign in to WeChat on Windows PC

On WeChat you can send free text to mobile contacts that are also using WeChat. This application permits the users to share pictures, videos and turning in group chat. The WeChat walkie talkie feature is one of the most famous features.


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Steps for Using WeChat in Web Browser

•    Unlock WeChat on the phone.

This is possible to login in the WeChat on the system if you don’t want to download a  WeChat application. In case you are not log in on the mobile device or tablet then first log in there.

•    Press “Plus” icon.

You will get this on the right side of WeChat.

•    Click “Scan QR Code” option.

It will go to the “WeChat” code Quick Response code scanner page.

•    Open the link on the system.

You can open this link in your default browser, a page of Quick Response code will come on your screen.

•    Scan the “Quick Response Code” on display through the phone.

Before the phone application scans the Quick Response code, page of your profile picture will appear on your system display.

•    Click “Sign In” on the phone.

You will get a front page of WeChat account in the default browser.

  • Before logging in to the system, phone notifications option will turn off.
  • If you want to Log out of WeChat account from the system, then press “Three Line” icon given at the left side after that, choose “Sign Out” option.

Steps for Using WeChat in Windows

•    Open the URL in your default browser.

By visiting this site, you can easily download the WeChat on the system. You should have the Android and iOS device with you.

•    Click the “Symbol” of a Windows in your system display.

It resembles a white symbol located at the middle of the display.

  • Ensure that you are pressing the Windows symbol by not using the system screen because it will open a download webpage for Windows phone gadgets.

•    Press the “Download” button.

This option is of olive color at the left column of the display.

•    Choose a file given in the display.

You will get WeChat into downloads folder.

•    Press the “Save” button.

•    Go to “WeChat Installer” option.

After finishing the download process, go through the URL to the WeChat installer at the end of the default browser desktop.

•    Press the “Yes” button to allow WeChat to install on your system.

•    Press “Install WeChat” option.

You can install WeChat now on the system. After finishing this download process, you will receive a verification text and an olive color option which indicate “Run” button.

•    Tap the “Run” button. 

A Quick Response code comes with the text “Log in using Scan QR Code.”

•    Go to the “WeChat” application on the phone.

•    Click “Plus” icon on the phone.

It is located at the right side of WeChat application.

•    Press “Scan QR Code” option.

A page of WeChat code scanner gets open on your display.

•    Scan the “Quick Response Code” with the phone.

A page of your profile picture will come to the screen before capturing the Quick Response code.

•    Click “Enter” on the mobile phone.

A welcome page will come on the screen of your system and also the front page of WeChat.

  • Before signing in into the system, phone notification will be turned off.
  • In case you like to log in WeChat account in the future, press “WeChat” in the desktop menu.

In case you wish to log out of WeChat account on the system, press “Three Lines” icon at the left side of WeChat, press “Settings “after that, Tap “Log Out.”

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