How to Skip Vorgeth Fight in Shattered Throne Dungeon in Destiny 2?

The popular Science-Fiction Looter Shooter, Destiny 2 was released in December 2019. The game has been updated with various seasons including Season of Dawn and its preceding one; Shadowkeep. Forsaken was one of the main reasons behind the enormous popularity of the franchise and Shattered Throne was the major factor of that season.

Those who are not familiar with Shattered Throne; it is a key which grants access to Eleusinia. After the release of this Dungeon, the player gets to know about the skipping option of the Boss Vorgeth by Sticky Grenades. Although, this method was later sneak out by Bungie; however, gamers created an alternative for it too.

Besides, there are now several methods to accomplish this purpose and are distinctive with each class. It is pretty intricate to achieve all of them, so below, we have gathered a proper workaround to complete the skipping process of Vorgeth. Make sure that you read every bit of this workaround attentively to fulfill this purpose successfully.

Skip Vorgeth Fight

We have mentioned three best  guardians to accomplish the bypass process of Vorgeth, and they are here:


Warlock requires a Sword to bypass Vorgeth alongside it also requires Blink and Glide abilities. Players should initiate by using Glide to head to the top of vines that are covering two arches. After that, they need to alter to Blink and require to back the Wall where a gap is lying on the beside of room. Once, they reached there; then they need to jump and use Blink to spin in the air along with thrashing enemies with Sword. After that, they can get access to the Wall and thus they will get out of the battle.


Players need to use Thundercrash Tree alongside Sword to bypass Vorgeth and then they need to climb to the top of vines similar as in Warlock. Once they reached the top of the vine, they need to jump in the right direction, which leads them to the Wall’s top. After that, they need to use their ability of Thundercrash to escape out of the map section by flying. Now players have successfully skip Vorgeth fight.


This method is somehow pretty intricate than the above discussed too, and it also needs the Sword similar to both of them. Players need to head to the hall where large statues are lying and then jump on any of the statues. Once they reached the top of any statue, then they need to jump to a more higher place. After they locate the higher place, then they need to jump onto it and there they will locate a bench. Players need to stand beside this bench and should try to interact with any of the statues. Now, players need to use the ability of Gunslinger Tree alongside Blade Barrage to oppose the enemies from their right. Once players successfully tackle the enemy, then they can use their Sword abilities to bypass Vorgeth.


We hope that you will find all the gathered information in this article useful and in case you are new to the world of Destiny 2, then you can witness its gaming experience on StadiaXboxOnePS4, and PC.

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