How to solve the virus carried by sex dolls?

We may have all heard of Sex Doll brothels. Although ordinary people have never experienced it, they are also curious about how this kind of Sex Doll can ensure its safety and hygiene. After all, it is not a one-time use item, and it will always bring hidden dangers of the disease. of. In fact, the Sex Doll brothel is very strict with the sanitizing work with Sex Doll, and it is even cleaner than when she left.

How to Clean a Sex Doll

The same process that sex doll brothels use to clean dolls between client visits is equally useful for those engaged in the used Sex Doll market, and there are many used sex dolls for sale that haven’t even been used once! The owner decided not long after purchasing her that she no longer wanted it. Now that your preconceptions and paradigms about used sex dolls have been shattered, let’s get started.

Sex dolls, no matter where they come from, cannot be carriers of the virus in any way. Coronaviruses require living cells to survive and reproduce. This means that once they have no cells to feed on, they will eventually die. Also, sex dolls are inanimate objects, no matter how realistic they look. Therefore, the virus cannot survive on them.

Sex Doll Making design

A 68cm mini sex doll weighs about 4.5kg. Even a 100cm miniature sex doll weighs only 12kg, much lower than an Adult Solid Sex Doll. For people who use lighter weights regularly, it means easier use, and doesn’t want to sweat before even starting. Anime sex dolls are solid by default, which means the breasts are filled with TPE or silicone material. Sex dolls’ hollow chests are hollow, generally no more than half the width of the hollow, which helps to make their breasts softer.

real adult sex doll

Why you should buy a game sex doll and what you plan to use her for. First of all, are you going to take a hot bath in the tub with her? Do you want the freedom to dress her up in any color? Are you attracted to appearance and touch? What is your budget range and how much can you spend to maintain her?

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