How to Speed Up Your Home Internet

Thinking of fixing Home Internet issues? If such is the case, then this blog is for you. The internet is the most vital part of our digital life as everybody is using it for various purposes. If you are using the Internet and it is running slow, then it’s a serious issue and needs to be fixed.

Generally, ISP requires much money as a subscription fee for providing a reliable, stable, and fast internet connection, but sometimes it fails to run smoothly as usual. In this case, it needs to fix this issue to do your task more quickly as usual.

Follow the under-mentioned instructions to troubleshoot Internet issues for your home internet connection:

Easy Steps for Comparing the Speed of the Internet to Your Plans

The first and foremost process is to compare your plan with your internet speed. Then, cross-check that the internet speed is coming as per your subscription plan. If it’s getting low then your plan, then it needs to troubleshoot the issue. For Example: In case you are receiving 75 Mbps even after paying for 100 Mbps speed, then check your internet speed and match it with your currently running plan. If this happens with you, then don’t think of selecting another plan for the same speed.

For checking your speed, you have to check your internet bill and see the exact speed in Mbps. In case you are paying your subscription bill in online mode, then go to the “My Accounts” page of your ISP, then download the PDF of your bill. Then check that the bill and the locate the speed that you are getting in actual.

Note: The speed you are looking in your bill is the actual speed for your paid subscription.

Checking Internet Speed on your Device

Now, its time to run a speed test on your PC. It let you know the speed that your device is receiving.

For checking the speed, you have to close all the unnecessary applications from your device.
Then, visit You can also browse and run your speed checker tool.
Compare your bill and the speed displaying on your device.
Fixing Issues by Checking Hardware Equipments

Don’t be panic and Run troubleshooting Steps on your hardware devices to fix this issue before declaring that your system is totally incompatible with the internet speed that you are asking for. Do these workarounds to fix the issue of internet speed on your system:

1. Plugging Wired Connection

Connect your gadget to Modem with Ethernet cord and check that the speed increases. If it does, then it’s the issue of network disconnection or interference, or you were using a corrupted router.

2. Disabling and Enabling Modem and Router

First and foremost, detach the Modem and Router from your device and wait for about ten to twenty seconds to resume the service by reconnecting them into the socket. This action reboots the internal process and restarts the data for smooth functioning.

3. Placing Router in the Network Area

In case your device is facing issues related to internet speed, then it is recommended to place the router in an open and free space to catch the internet network more quickly.

Note: In case you are using cordless devices such as phone, then turning it OFF and then ON as this process will disconnect them to your router as it might interfere in your network connection.

4. Checking Cable Connection

In this method, you should check and make sure that the cable connection is properly working. If not, then detach Coaxial splitters from the cable and replace them with a new one to see the change and to check that it is working fine or not. Alternatively, you can connect your router to the Modem through the Ethernet cord.

5. Using Antivirus Application

In case your device is the only one which faces this issue in place of other’s such as smartphone etc., then your PC may be a virus-infected device. Run a reliable antivirus program on your system that can remove all the malware and virus from all the files and folders.

Note: It is recommended to run the Windows Defender tool for your device as it is one of the reliable antivirus programs that built-in your system.

6. Checking for 5 GHz Band

Latest Routers provides a Bandwidth of 2.4 and 5 GHz together. In both the options, the 5GHz is one of the fastest bands. Make sure that your device is running on the same.

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