How to spot a bad window tinting job

With its many benefits, homeowners and car owners are choosing window tinting. It can be complicated for those not familiar with window tinting, as cheap tinting shops can scam many people. Meanwhile, some install tints on their own even without sufficient knowledge about window tint installation.

One of the signs to look for in determining whether the window tinting is of poor quality is if the air bubbles in between the tint film and the vehicle glass don’t disappear within two weeks. In the first two weeks of installing window tinting Irvine CA, air bubbles are pretty common. If bubbles don’t disappear within two weeks, the window tint is likely installed incorrectly or poor-quality.

Other signs that your window tint job is not of high quality include peeling and discoloration. High-quality tints take a lot of work to remove, while it is easier to peel off low-quality tints.

Another sign that your tints are not correctly installed is that they are ineffective in blocking heat and UV rays. Good-quality window tinting Santa Ana CA is well-known for blocking heat rays from entering your home and vehicle. It may be more expensive to remove the tint and replace it with a better one if it isn’t done correctly. It is why it is essential to ensure that your window tinting provider can deliver its promise of a durable window tint for your vehicle or home.

If you want to learn more about spotting a bad window tinting job, here is an infographic provided by Kepler Window Films and Coatings.

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