How to Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Web Activity

As the social network always track you all over the web, Facebook also gets the details from third-party sites and applications. Any app or site that lets you sign in via Facebook credentials is about to share the details with Facebook. It shares the data to Facebook, and such details are known as Off Facebook Activity. Using the latest privacy feature, you may delete history of application as well as sites that shared the details.

You may switch off the future off-Facebook activity that says Facebook to cut off any data which the company may have shared from the account. Else you may discerningly select the companies to which you don’t want to share your information or activity, and it will stop displaying such target ads. Keep on reading to get better security by switching off and control off the Facebook activity.

Off – Facebook Activity

The online activity details that third party sites and apps offer to Facebook are known as the Off Facebook Activity. It gets the details about you and your browsing activity from several apps or sites cookies that are built to follow you on the web, according to Facebook. The apps send the details with Facebook by themselves. As you sign in to the app or site and the details get to the Facebook servers. Moreover, if you try to post from any site or app to Facebook, they will get these details too.

How to Control Your Facebook Activity

To avoid off-Facebook activity, you may switch it off. It contains 2 options.

  • Disconnect the past off-Facebook activity
  • Stop the future off-Facebook activity

It will not change the circumstances much. It still gets the details from as networks that follow you. Also, disconnect the past off-Facebook activity do not actually remove the information offered by the related app.

How to Disconnect Past off Facebook Activity

If you want to disconnect past off-Facebook activity, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Tap on Settings button at the section that shows as you press the inverted triangle at the upper right of the Facebook pane.
  2. Select Your Facebook details at the left window of the Settings window.
  3. You will then view the button at the right window of Facebook Settings window that reads as an off-Facebook activity.
  4. Hit the View option.
  5. There are several choices at the right that lets you remove the past off- Facebook activity and to remove the history of these activities.
  6. Tap on Manage off – a Facebook activity to see the entire sites and apps sharing details with Facebook. The page, including the apps list that has the choice to remove history at the top of a list.
  7. Press the Clear History information to delete the history. It will not remove the data. Though to switch off the off-Facebookok activity, tap on Manage the off-Facebook Activity option.
  8. Then in a new window, toggle the switch to switch it off.


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