How to stop overthinking and negative thoughts

What Is Overthinking? 

Overthinking is an automatic behavior and a result of many nerve synapses in your brain that are excited and firing together. It usually occurs when you feel powerless or overwhelmed. Overthinking is a combination of many excited brain synapses that make you feel powerless or overwhelmed. It happens when you think too much, especially when you are worried or stressed out. 

Ways to overcome from overthinking 

We all overthink to some extent, but there are things you can do to help reduce your negative thinking. If negative thoughts are impacting your relationships, health and wellbeing, try taking a step back from them and facing what you’re thinking. Use a strategy that encourages more positive thoughts in the first place (like developing an optimism muscle), or uses strategies to challenge the more challenging thoughts that pop up in between more positive ones.


Overthinking about the past and worry about the future are self-sabotaging behaviors.  The key to recovery is letting go of thoughts, beliefs and feelings about the past, present and future.

To stop overthinking in your marriage, you must be present and in the moment.


You’re not alone. Chronic overthinking is an unfortunate side effect of being smart and successful. There’s a tendency to overthink because we’re so good at reading the minds of others, which makes us vulnerable to all kinds of fears.

You can overcome your fear of making mistakes and stepping out of your comfort zone by making positive choices and by taking action. In this episode, you will learn how to stop overthinking in relationships and instead live in the moment.


The best way to stop overthinking in relationship is to break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Decide what you want from the other person, decide how you want to pursue that goal, and then take action – whether that means reaching out to friends for support or getting on a date with them.


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