How to Stream Free Music and Drown Out the Pandemic Blues

The world is going through a global pandemic and everyone is stuck inside their homes, in an attempt to social distance. The world has been in chaos for the past few months. A lot of people are trying to find balance amid this pandemic by trying to exercise, work from home, acquiring new skills, etc. But then there are days when your mind needs to relax and groove to the beats to calm down, increase productivity, and keep negative thoughts at bay. That’s when music seeps into our lives to draw our minds out of the blue.

You’ll need some good variant music to drench in and the best way to do that is getting online music streaming services. And what if we tell you that these music streaming services are unrestricted? Great deal, right? Even if some services are paid, they cater to free services for up to 1 month. These streaming platforms are usually cloud-based that have music sorted on the basis of their genre, language, the latest trends, preferences, etc. You can also adjust the theme, sleep option for the app, autoplay playlist, and select music on the basis of your mood and the decade you want to listen to.

Given below are some of the free music streaming services that you can also purchase for extra benefits and ad-free music:

  • Spotify

This streaming site is the world’s most popular and liked platform. For mobile device users, the quality runs between 96Kbps to 160Kbps and supports MP3, MP4, M4P files. This is available on Android apps and iOS, desktop app, web players, etc. You can create and share your own playlist, and you’ll get auto-generated song recommendations based on your search. You can also tap on the heart option available besides the song and get tracks recommended based on that. It also comes with a date saver setting. Also, you have access to multiple podcasts.

  • YouTube Music

YouTube is one of the most popularly viewed platforms in this world. This service provides you with 128 Kbps quality on both Android and iOS platforms. It has a wide variety of music as well but the only drawback is that it has a lot of ads and interferes with your music every 3-4 minutes. It is currently available in 77 countries only. To remove ads and gain the doorway to audio-only background playback and downloading songs for offline playback, you can purchase the premium tier.

  • Amazon Music

If you already are an Amazon Prime Member, you get free access to this section. And if not, you can upgrade to Amazon Music. This service is very profitable as it provides up to 3 months of free music access trial that allows you to stream 60 million songs. The subscription page is also affordable that charges $9.99/month after the subscription gets over. This provides on-demand ad-free music. Moreover, you can also listen to offline music too with unlimited skips. If you have Amazon’s Alexa supported speakers then you also have the access to hands-free listening with that device. This all sums up to put you in a win-win situation.

  • Deezer

Its services can be streamed on Android and iOS apps as well as on Web UX. It offers both free and paid services and is available in more than 182 countries. Streaming quality is 320Kbps with up to 56 million songs that can be availed offline as well. But you have to connect to the internet every 15 days to keep your tracks intact. It has built-in song lyrics that appear on-screen while listening to music. Though setting it up on the computer can be a bit challenging. It has a unique ‘Hear This’ feature that monitors your listening pattern and recommends your songs on that basis. It also gives you access to listen to high-quality performances from various artists.

  • TuneIn

It’s a radio streaming service that is equivalently amazing to get access to live news, music, podcasts, and sports available in 22 languages. You can listen to more than 100,000 radio stations and 4 million programs and podcasts from across the world connected. They exclusively stream concerts from several summer music festivals and ‘Holiday Hits’ during winter and offer a wide range of audiobooks.

The world never had these many options and free-access to such wide-ranging music and other features before. Millennials have it and hence should make the most of it. Enjoy streaming music!


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