How to support independent living parents

Independent living sounds peaceful and interesting when you are young. You have a lot to explore and experience. For this to accomplish, you prefer living alone so that you don’t have to worry about anyone waiting for you at home. However, living an independent life comes at a cost where you have to leave your parents behind. Your parents are also aware that their children cannot stay with them forever, so they make their plans accordingly. They save for their future and promise each other to support in every way they can. In this process, they forget to plan for unknown circumstances that can come with getting old.

Ageing is a natural process that everybody hopes to reach without health issues. But that’s very rare to expect. Old age comes with weak immunity. So leaving old people behind is not easy for the younger generation. Besides this, the old people also don’t force their children to stay as they understand the need for real-time experiences.

To make both generations live stress-free, the younger generation should think of all the problems their parents can face during their ageing, and then think of providing solutions.

Problems that old people can face living independently:

  • They might have a problem doing their regular tasks like bathing, walking, grooming, and cleaning their surroundings
  • They might have health issues like diabetes, high/low BP, breathing problems, muscle pain, constipation, or diarrhoea.
  • They might have difficulty in reading and signing important documents.
  • They might have a problem managing their funds.
  • They might have a problem understanding technology-driven gadgets or machines.
  • They might have safety issues.
  • They might have a problem driving vehicles.
  • They might have a problem with cooking and balancing their diet.
  • They might have a problem doing physical activities.
  • They might have a problem communicating their actual needs.

Elderly people might face such problems when living independently. That doesn’t mean you must stay with them permanently and disregard your passion. Then what should you do? You should find a solution to the difficulties they might face.

Solutions for old people to live independently:

  • Look for a trustworthy attendant to assist the elderly parents in their regular grooming tasks. For this, you can contact elderly service care providers and ask for a verified attendant.
  • You can buy machines that check BP, sugar, or other related problems to monitor their health. You can also call a lab assistant who can take blood samples and give you a detailed report of their health.
  • Take your parents for an eye check-up. If the doctor suggests wearing specs or an operation, kindly follow that.
  • Help them understand how they manage their bank accounts. You can take them to their branch and let them ask all the questions related to the bank’s workings.
  • Make your parents understand how to use smartphones and television. You should also inform them about all the frauds and hacking activities that are common these days and tell them how they can protect their data.
  • Install a surveillance camera outside the door or house so they can check the camera before letting someone in.
  • In old age, your parents might have a problem in driving, but one needs to commute to take groceries or other essential stuff. For this, you can tell them how to use the application to book cabs or how they can buy stuff from the comfort of their homes using applications.
  • Old people generally skip meals as their physical health doesn’t allow them to stand for hours to cook. To make this easy, keep a cook at home and ensure they don’t skip meals.
  • Tell your parents that physical activities are important for the body to stay in shape and agile. Show them how there are numerous videos on YouTube that they can follow to do exercises daily or you can keep a trainer who can supervise the activities they can do.
  • Old people desire to have real conversations. They want undivided attention so that they can communicate their needs well. For this, you should find out time to connect on call. Make them feel that you are still available to talk irrespective of the distance.


Every problem has a solution, and communication is the key. Your parents expect undivided attention, love, care, and respect. They will never stop you from living the way you want. They will only expect to stay in touch.

Your role is to make their life easy before you step out of the house. You don’t have to worry about how you would give them a life of convenience. Many service providers are diligently working towards providing nursing and maid services tailored to the needs of elderly people. Book an appointment with them and get the best services at reasonable prices.


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