How to take care of Dark and/or Black color while washing?

Dark or black clothing always has to be washed in cold water because hot water helps eliminate the inks that have been used to give it the color.


According to Laundry service, some washing machines have a specific program but, if this is not your case, always choose one with a temperature that does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.


Also, it is important that the program you choose is of short duration to prevent the laundry from being washed for a long time.


The detergent is another key piece when talking about how to wash black clothes so that it does not lose color. It is always important to use laundry detergent because they are already prepared to prevent that loss of color by not containing additives or bleach.


If the clothes have any gear, you can use the special stain remover for black clothes or a normal one, with bleaching effect, before washing it to remove it, but very carefully and only if it is totally necessary because they usually drag the color.


Therefore, in any case, it is always preferable that you choose those bleaches that are specific to colored clothes.


Tips to dry dark or black clothes to avoid losing color:


If the entire washing process is important when talking about how to wash clothes so that it does not lose color, it is no less how to dry it because it is also an important step to keep it in perfect condition for longer. This is what you have to keep in mind to dry black clothes well and avoid losing color:


– It is not convenient to use the dryer because the heat helps to eliminate more color.

– If there is no choice but to use the dryer because it does not give you time to dry your clothes and you need that garment, the only advice that can be followed is to use temperature as low as possible depending on the material with which the clothes are made.

– Dark or black garments always have to be dried outdoors. It is very important to lay it in a place where the sun does not shine because it also discolors it. It should always be in the shade.


A tip by Laundry service: More about the care and maintenance of dark clothes. Remember that, always before washing the garment, it is important to read the instructions on the label for care and perfect preservation.

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