How to Take Care of Hand Painted Sarees?

Do you know that the most comfortable sarees ever made are hand painted ones? These exquisitely fabricated sarees are created by painting plain fabrics to create lovely, attractive attire that has a fashionable appearance. Such a long-standing custom of the painting represents Indian culture. Because of this, these chic hand-painted sarees are ideal for any formal occasion, including birthday celebrations and other such events. Today, it is simple and easy to buy hand painted sarees without stepping out of the home. The hand-painted sarees have a variety of patterns, motifs, and brilliant colors.


Significance to Keep Hand Painted Sarees Properly 

You would be wearing art if you own a hand-painted saree! As a lover of handcrafted items from India, you undoubtedly want to take good care of it so that the saree keeps its lovely appearance. Besides, its colors also stay brilliant throughout time.

Tips to Keep hand painted sarees Maintained

Keep the saree in pristine condition by following a few straightforward recommendations stated below:

  • Since it is a handcrafted and hand painted saree, please take good care of it while wearing it.
  • Also, keep in mind that the saree does not need to be washed frequently because it is usually worn on special occasions.
  • Alternate the saree’s folds periodically to prevent permanent creases.
  • Always keep the saree in a cool, dry place, ideally wrapped in a cloth. To absorb the moisture, use packets of silica gel.
  • Avoid pressing directly on painted surfaces. Always press the saree’s reverse side. Better results are obtained by steam pressing with a soft cotton cloth.
  • You might think about dry cleaning if the saree needs to be washed after a few wearing. Hand washing at home is recommended to dry cleaning.
  • When you have bought hand painted sarees online and after wearing it decided to wash them at home, use a baby shampoo or a gentle cleaning agent.
  • Please carefully scrub any stains with your hands if there are any.
  • Never wash a saree in a machine. It can only be washed by hand.
  • Fold the saree lengthwise, and then soak it for 10 to 15 minutes in a solution of baby shampoo.
  • After soaking, remove the saree and submerge it in a bucket of cold water for 15 to 20 minutes to allow the shampoo to separate from the fabric.
  • After you have cleaned the saree and wrung out the majority of the water, please drip dry it in a shaded area. DO NOT place in a dryer.

These easy actions ought to guarantee that your stunning hand-painted saree maintains its vibrant, brand-new appearance for years to come!

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