How to take care of your clothes last long?

If you want to take care of your clothes for long life, the following tips by Laundry service will be helpful to you.

Do not store dirty clothes in the closet:

If the clothes are dirty, do not put them inside your closet because their smell and dirt will damage the rest of the clothes.

To take care of your clothes from season to season, do not forget to wash it before putting it in the bottom of the closet. In case you have the possibility, use specialized bags for clothes. These will prevent your clothes from getting dust and dirt during the months that you are not going to wear them.

Airtight bags or covers are even recommended for storing party dresses, suits, and jackets, for example.

Protect your clothes at home:

When you are cooking and/or cleaning, to take care of your clothes you must wear an apron. Moreover, it would be best if you wore old clothes that you only use to perform this type of household chores.

This way you will be preventing bleach or food stains from appearing on your favorite clothes. Keep in mind that some are virtually impossible to remove.

Do not pull loose threads:

In the case where you find loose threads in your clothes, do not pull them. The most appropriate is that the cuts as soon as possible. In those cases in which your garment is very sharp if you do not know how to sew, go to a dressmaker to fix it.

Clean the washer and dryer:

Finally, an equally important suggestion is to clean the dryer and the washing machine. Both accumulate dirt as they are used. Therefore, you must maintain proper cleaning of them, including both filters.

If you follow the advice given by Laundry service, by taking care of your clothes with more attention, you will see that you manage to keep it for many years in perfect condition. Moreover, people will think that you wear new clothes every day of how bright it will be.

If you find any stains on your clothes and looking for the best and easy tips, you can use Laundry service. They are professional and so they know how to remove it and also they know how to take care of it properly while washing and ironing.

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