How to take care of your Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket is an evergreen apparel for winters. It is that one fashion trend that is sported by everyone from bikers, supermodels to teenagers. These leather jackets do not come inexpensive, thus if you own one and intend to keep it for a long period it becomes mandatory for you to maintain it. You just need to use proper maintenance techniques to keep your jacket in perfect condition for a long period.

Some handy techniques that can be used for maintaining a leather jacket are:-

  • Read the care instruction on the label:-

The first and foremost step to maintain your jacket is to read the specific care instructions on the label. The labels lay some general guidelines to keep these jackets in good shape.

  • Avoid wearing your jacket during rain:-

If you don’t want to ruin your jacket, you should keep it dry. You must avoid wearing your leather jacket during rain and if it does get wet, make sure you hang it to dry immediately, or the leather will become dry and brittle.3

How to take care of your Leather Jacket

  • Always hang your jackets correctly:-

Never leave the jacket folded or crumpled for a long time as it can create creases and cracks. Rather, hang it on a hanger, for it to air dry. Never put it in front of the sunlight, as it may discolor the jacket quickly.

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  • Iron your jacket to remove wrinkles:-

Hanging a jacket on a hanger should prevent minor wrinkling. However, if you are too much bothered by wrinkling, you can set the iron to the lowest setting, place a cloth over the jacket and then iron it. If you directly iron it in high settings then the leather will be damaged.

  • Use a leather conditioner:-

If you want your leather jacket to sustain its shine and softness for a longer period, you should protect it with a leather conditioner as it prevents leather from cracking & breaking down and can prolong its durability.

  • Professional leather cleaning:-

At times, just maintaining your jacket is not enough, you should seek help from professional dry cleaners at least once a year, or depending on how regular you wear it. A professional dry cleaner will know exactly the type of cleaning process he/she needs to adopt to clean the stains on your jacket, in restoring the color of the jacket and in repairing the cracks of the jacket.

Now, we know how to sustain this unisex apparel for a long time whose demand has been increasing every year. Leather jackets are an amalgamation of two of the most renowned industries of the world i.e. tannery and garment industry. Let us separately talk about their scope and condition in India. In the contemporary world, leather is one of the widely used and traded items globally.

Currently, the Indian leather industry accounts for 12.93 percent of the world’s leather production. In the year 2018, the leather goods exported in India is valued at US$ 3.05 billion. Also, India is the second-largest exporter of leather garments to countries like the US, Germany, UK, Italy, and France.

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