How to take care of your sex doll – Sexdolls4fun

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are ideal for both wet and dry cleaning, as they have little to no fuzz and absorb dirt well. You should wash used cloths regularly at 60 degrees Celsius in the washing machine without fabric softener. Sexdoll

Baby oil

Perfume-free baby oil is perfect for the care of stressed areas, such as the body openings of your sex doll. It protects against minor damage such as cracks and roughening. Apply the baby oil with the microfiber cloth: It is also ideal for removing dust and hair from the skin surface over a large area.

Powder & brush

Perfume-free baby powder is the ideal basis for maintaining the fineness of the skin. Whenever you have cleaned your sex doll with a damp cloth or perspired a little moisture, care for it with baby powder by applying it evenly with a powder brush.

After each use


Warm water and a washcloth/flannel, or a microfiber cloth are perfect for the basic cleaning of your sex doll. If you want to shower or bathe with her, please note that if your doll’s feet can stand (has metal support) you should seal the feet – if available – with plastic bags. Even if the dolls are sealed on the inside, water can penetrate them during a full bath. Therefore, you should rarely bathe with your doll.

Mild soap

The use of mild soap is sufficient for cleaning. You can also use intimate wash lotion for the intimate area of your doll. This is also extremely kind to your intimate area. You can remove stubborn dirt with our special stain remover, which you can order with your doll. Please avoid aggressive cleaning agents as they can attack and damage the material.

Intimate shower/douche

With an intimate shower/douche which you can order with your doll from us, you clean the body openings of your sex doll. To do this, rinse the relevant areas several times with warm water and mild soap. Then use a microfiber cloth or the drying and reusable sticks than you can also buy from us to completely dry the openings. Lovedoll

Disinfectant/Toy Cleaner

After drying, spray the clean body openings with a toy cleaner. This has an antibacterial effect and keeps your sex doll clean. Since toy cleaners have been tested for use with sex toys, you do not have to worry about the material of your sex doll or your health.