How to Teach Siri Who Your Friends and Family Members Are?

Siri is becoming very important day by day. It is your one of those understanding secretaries who will never complain about anything. She will just follow the given directions without arguing with you. Tell her to play the music, she will follow it. If you require to make a phone call, she will place the call.

How to Teach Siri Who Your Friends and Family Members Are

But there is a question, How will you teach Siri about your relationship to those people?  For instance- Imagine that you need to call your sister Martha, then you will have to say, “Call Martha.”

Siri will look for Martha by going to the “address book” of your phone. You will now see the number. But hold on, what if there are many Marthas in your address book. Siri will search Martha and will show you the numbers. A faster method is needed for this.

How to teach Siri about each person that is related to you?

Many people aren’t aware that you may tell Siri about the contact’s relation to you. Now, this information is stored in the iOS contact book of that person. Now when you tell Siri to call your sister, Siri will go through the full list. If she gets the matching description, then she will get the number.

Follow the below-given steps to make it simpler:

  1. In the iOS address book, open your listing.
  2. This is the first step to perform.
  3. Either click on the phone icon or click the Contacts icon.
  4. Users will get to know about their listing now.

Search the proper section of the listing

  1. There will be an Edit link in uppermost right-hand edge of the phone book.
  2. Tap on that and drop down until you confront a section named, spouse, brother, mother, etc.
  3. You must have added these name some times ago.
  4. If you are new to this, then this may be your first time when you have been doing this.
  5. There may be no names and none of the relationships.
  6. Go for the add related name field now.

Add the relationship and name of the person

  1. Click add a related name.
  2. A new field will open up along with a suggested relationship.
  3. The relationship will be on the left.
  4. To the right side, click the I button.
  5. If you don’t do this then tap the relationship on the left side.
  6. Users will get to a list of some other possibilities to select from.
  7. When you get towards a relationship that you have to complete the click the “I” button, it will be on the right.
  8. This way you will get to address book.
  9. Search for the person who is associated with you.
  10. Click on their name.
  11. You will find their name in the field now.

Add the proper relationship now

  1. As mentioned in the previous section, click in the left on the relationship.
  2. Apple will present a whole possible list of relationships in front of you.
  3. It is evident that everyone is different and users can have relationship type that isn’t known much.
  4. For instance- At the place of the father, one may say, daddy, papu, etc. Same can happen with the grandparents and the mothers.
  5. Drop right down towards the bottom.
  6. There will be an add custom label.
  7. Click on that.
  8. Now whatever connection you require to add that person’s name.

Take a test

  1. Now that you have put everybody.
  2. Test it by activating Siri.
  3. Tell it to call anyone.
  4. Merely say, Call my boss or call my assistant.
  5. Till you are putting proper relationship, Siri won’t be having any problem.

Conclusion The only issue arising is that Siri isn’t able to identify between father, daddy, dad or papa. Users need to be careful with the relationship. Say it regularly like you usually do. Siri is a great learner.

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