How To Tell If Gold Is Real?

Gold is one of the most valuable metals on the planet. It is considered an investment by millions of people across the world. To ask the question of whether gold is real must be because you have Gold Jewelry and are not sure about the purity. 


No problem here is the 5 solutions to this problem that you can easily use to test the gold purity method developed by the best gold buyers in Bangalore:



  • Hallmark and Magnifying Test


This is the best way to test gold at the first glance using a magnifying glass. You must have known this technique before as it is more prevalent in our households. Hallmarks are referred to as the stamp of purity and trust.  You may find this at the bottom of gold rings, the backside of necklaces, on the hooks of gold chains, under bangles, etc. 



  • Vinegar Test


The vinegar test is often popular among Indian households. You can use vinegar to test the purity of gold but it can harm your jewelry if it is impure gold. Only if you are sure about the purity and hallmark of your gold you can try this method.  


The procedure is simple, palace your gold jewelry like a gold ring on your palm then add a drop of vinegar, if it shines it is surely pure gold and if it has changed color then it’s impure gold.



  • Makeup Test


Makeup to test gold! You may have heard this for the first time. But no worries, I’ve got you covered. 


The procedure goes like this, add makeup foundation to your hand and rub it gently. Then take a piece of gold or the jewelry on the skin, if that skin area turns black congrats it is pure gold if not sorry it is impure. 



  • Float Test


This is not the best way to test gold but this is the quickest way to test gold on the planet. Take a glass of water and put the gold jewelry or a piece of that into it. If it floats it definitely not pure gold but if it sinks to the bottom of the glass then it is just gold. As metal always sinks due to its mass.



  • Magnet Test


The magnet test is like an A/B test for testing whether gold is pure or not. It is very simple. For this, you have to use a special magnet or just a bigger one than the one you have in your house. 


Place the magnet and the gold piece on a wooden surface, then bring the magnet closer to the gold if it makes no difference in the movement of the gold then it is real gold. Make sure that you have no metal clasp in the gold jewelry.

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