How To Tell If You Are Dealing with an Illegal Online Weed Store?

People consider shopping for weed online for various reasons, including convenience, discreet packaging, affordable rates, and so on.

We aren’t sure what has encouraged you to purchase weed from online marijuana stores in Windsor; we don’t want you to get duped when purchasing online.

Even though it is completely legal to purchase weed with proper identification from both online stores and brick-and-mortar dispensaries, there are online sellers who take unethical routes. Hence, we are here to make your digital weed purchasing journey safe and sound.

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Here are some warning cues to look for

Surprisingly low price

There is nothing as a cheap weed. If you come across one, consider its quality to be as cheap as the price it was sold to you at.

Producing high-quality weed takes time and effort, meaning they are bound to cost a little more than you expect. If you find something at a surprisingly lower price, consider visiting other online cannabis shops in Windsor.

No identification asked

Every legal dispensary is required to ask for IDs from their customers, especially those purchasing for the first time. If you aren’t requested to produce any type of ID that validates your age or address, chances are high that you are dealing with an illegal weed dispensary.

No limit on purchase

Legal cannabis shops in Windsor aren’t allowed to sell more than legalized amounts of cannabis to the customer, especially if the customer wishes to consume it all on his/her own.

If you aren’t asked many questions about purchasing more than legalized amounts of cannabis, then that should be a giveaway that you are dealing with illegal sellers.

Packaging seems sparse

To retain the quality of the product, Marijuana stores in Windsor are required to sell their products in resealable bags. Besides retaining the quality, such packages ensure the product is childproof.

Products sold in plain old Ziploc should be a major red flag.

No certification offered

Every legal cannabis product comes with a certification of analysis. This report showcases the composition of cannabis products, including terpenes, cannabinoids, and even contaminants. COA ensures that a product is up to the required federal standards.

Only certified labs can provide this analysis to the legal vendors. If your seller isn’t providing a legitimate certification, you are probably dealing with an illegal cannabis dispensary.

Signing off

If you come across either or all of the above-mentioned warning signs in a marijuana store in Windsor, consider shopping around to find a reliable and genuine store.

Or consider shopping at one of the well-known cannabis shops in Windsor – CannaSavvy. You are bound to find high-quality and affordable products under one roof!

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