How to Tell Your Website Isn’t Performing Well In Local Searches


When your site doesn’t perform well in local searches, it might be hard to know exactly why that’s happening. There are many local seo Sydney factors that can contribute to your site not performing well in local searches, and it can be difficult to diagnose problems without any concrete data on the subject. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the tell-tale signs that indicate your website isn’t performing well in local searches. Continue reading to learn more about these signs and what you can do about them!

You Have Few Reviews

A lack of reviews can indicate a larger issue with the website, and is not good for any business. For example, if your site is completely empty, reviewers might think that it’s because your products or services are not worthy of praise. There could also be a problem with the authenticity of the reviews; you may have found fake review writers who are either too good to be true or just saying things to earn money.

You’ve Not Claimed Your Business in Google My Business (GMB)

If you haven’t claimed your business on Google My Business, it might not be getting ranked as well. It’s important to know what a Google My Business account is and why you should use one. GMB plays a significant role in local seo Sydney as it helps people find your business by displaying the hours of operation, contact information, reviews, photos and more. If you don’t have a GMB account for your business but are listed on Yelp or other review sites that offer local listings (like Superpages), you’ll need to create an account with these other platforms first before claiming your listing with GMB.

You Don’t Have a Video Optimised For Local Searches

In the modern era, video is one of the most important mediums for business. One study has found that video boosts SEO by 87%. It would make sense then, to create a video optimised for local searches to help your site rank higher in the search engine results pages. The data backs this up: 86% of consumers prefer viewing products or services via a short 2-minute video to reading text or trying to figure out what a product or service looks like.

The Landing Page Doesn’t Align With the Ad Copy

When there’s a big disconnect between the ad copy and the landing page, it can be a sign that the website isn’t performing well. If people are making it to your site but finding out they’re looking at something they don’t want to buy or when they find what they’re looking for, it’s not on your landing page then that might be a warning sign.

There’s No URL Structure to Match Main Keywords from the Ad Copy

One of the most important tasks when optimising a website for local search is to make sure the URL structure matches your main keywords from the ad copy. To be fully optimized, a business should have URLs that contain their business name and the service they offer.

The Domain Authority is Low

A Domain Authority measures how strong a website is and the ranking it has on search engines. In general, the higher the DA number, the stronger and more important a site is. If your Domain Authority is low, you might have trouble appearing on SERPs or being noticed when people are searching for services near their home. Check your Domain Authority to see if you’re where you want to be with this metric.

If your websites isn’t performing well in local searches, these are the probable causes. Please hire local SEO services that offers customised seo packages Sydney to optimise your site for local searches and boost your website traffic.

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