How to track your run with Google Maps

In Google Maps you can record the distances between two or more than two places, and you can create a running route. Many tools are available that you can use with Google Maps to track your run. You can use these tools to measure the distance of your run, walk, jog and hike. Here is how to use these features of Google Maps and track your activities.


How to track your run with Google Maps in iPhone or iPad

To track your run or travel in an iOS device, you need to download an app called ‘TrackMyTour’ from the App Store.

1.    Download and install ‘TrackMyTour’ app in your iOS device.

2.    After that, open the ‘TrackMyTour’ app.

3.    Tap on ‘Add WP’ (Waypoint) button.

4.    In the Add Waypoint window, tap on ‘WP Comment.’

5.    Enter a waypoint comment like, ‘I was here.’

6.    Tap on ‘Tap to add photo’ (camera icon) at the bottom.

7.    Add photo of a location, you passed through.

8.    Tap on ‘Active Map’ icon at the lower-left corner.

9.    Tap on the flag ‘WP’ icon at the left side of the screen to add a location for running.

10.    Add locations till the end of your run.

11.    Tap ‘Save.’

Now, TrackMyTour will display the route and distance you run from the start to end point.

How to track your run with Google Maps in Android

To track your run or travel in your Android phones or tablets, you need to download an app called ‘Traveler’ from the PlayStore. The app is free and has its inbuilt Google Maps. By recording your journey in the app, you can also add notes, photos, and markers to the track.

1.    Download and install the ‘Traveler’ app on your Android device.

2.    After that, open ‘Traveler’ app.

3.    Sign in to the Traveler app with your Google account.

4.    Traveler app creates your profile with your Google account information, tap ‘Allow access’ to permit.

5.    Next, tap the round red color ‘+’ button the bottom to create a trip for your run.

6.    Enter the information, trip name, trip description, start, and end date.

7.    Tap ‘Save.’

8.    Open the menu by tapping on ‘Tr’ logo.

9.    Select a trip from the menu to start tracking.

10.    Tap the ‘Camera’ icon at the bottom to take a picture.

11.    Tap the big ‘Record’ button to start tracking your run.

12.    Google Maps will open with a green ‘start’ mark at the starting location.

13.    Tap the ‘Stop’ button at the bottom to end the tracking.

14.    Tap ‘Save/OK’ to finish recording.

Now, your run will save on the map, and you can view your traveled path and distance.

Tips: you can also track your run in your computer with Google Maps by creating your map under ‘My Maps.’

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