How to Transfer Gmail MBOX to PDF with Attachments

Everyone has Gmail account and some users may have needed to transfer Gmail MBOX Files to PDF. If you are also such a user who is looking for how to transfer Gmail MBOX to PDF query then you are an exact place. This article is an exact place and also helps to provide a complete tutorial about how to transfer Gmail MBOX files to PDF Adobe Reader. Frequently, it has been seen that lots of users have a requirement to transfer all Gmail data into PDF as their future reference. Gmail is a web-mail service of Google and today it is used by almost people because it provides multiple facilities to manage data, share with relatives, friends, colleagues, mailing & more. Basically, users use it for emailing communication. Gmail stores entire its mailboxes data on the cloud but there are some situations when receiving important emails. On the other side, PDF is also a useful document file format and used in every area – home, organization, governmental, etc. So you may need to batch transfer Gmail MBOX to PDF Adobe Reader. Users can also save Gmail data in MBOX file format as their backup so we can save that it supports the MBOX file extension. Now learn how to export MBOX from Gmail by Google Takeout –

How to Export Gmail data as MBOX

  • Firstly login to your Gmail account.
  • Then go to Google Takeout ( )
  • Go with “Select data to include” & Gmail label.
  • From the provided two functions, choose anyone which you suit.
  • Select “All Mail” if you need to get all Gmail mails.
  • Then select Gmail mails folders under the “include all your mail” function to generate archive as MBOX. Click on the done button.
  • Choose the file type list (.zip) and click on “Create Archive“.
  • By mail, you will get a zip file of your all Gmail account data. Download it and extract it. Data of the zip file is saved in MBOX file format.

How to Transfer Gmail MBOX to PDF Proficiently

If you have Gmail account data in MBOX file format and want a quick, exact & safe solution that you can go with PCVARE MBOX to PDF converter that can simply transfer Gmail MBOX files into PDF. It supports advanced functionalities to powerfully transfer Gmail MBOX files into PDF Adobe Reader. It supports “Convert emails as Attachments” that can transfer emails & attachments from MBOX into PDF documents. It provides perfect data migration from MBOX to PDF. The MBOX Converter is absolutely complete solution and preserves all properties – images, hyperlinks, metadata, formatting, etc. It also transfers MBOX Gmail to PDF with attachments.

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