How to Treat Arthritis at Home

Do you have arthritis in one or more joints? Have you started to run out of ideas to manage your arthritis pain? We have some good news for you. On this page, we will break down 5 of the best methods for naturally treating your arthritis at home.

What is the Quickest Way to Manage Arthritis Pain?

Although there are many different methods we will explore below for managing your arthritis at home, the most efficient way to get treatment is to see a professional. Come into Performance Pain Houston to see a doctor that will help you come up with a precise treatment plan.

1. Lose Some Extra Pounds

Perhaps the easiest way to get your arthritis in check without professional treatment is to lose some weight. If you have some extra fat, it will naturally weigh down more and more pressure on your joints. If you have arthritis in your knees and feet, this will be especially helpful to do. This is also something that a pain doctor in Houston would recommend.

2. Use Ice Packs on Swelling

Sometimes your arthritis can develop inflammation on the affected joints. Whenever this occurs, ice will help control and minimize the inflammation. In addition, use ice packs whenever your pain starts to peak and needs some extra relief. This is one of the easiest ways to get immediate arthritis relief.

3. Take Warm Baths

Just as ice packs can have a dramatic effect on your arthritis pain, warm baths are a great way to help loosen up your joints and ease the tension. As a general rule of thumb, try to take a warm bath or shower each day to help with arthritis pain.

4. Eat Healthier

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Therefore, it’s important to consciously eat foods that are good for arthritis. As long as you know about all the many types of food which help arthritis pain, you can start organizing your shopping list accordingly.

5. Get a Massage

When arthritis pain really starts to kick in, one of the best ways to get immediate relief is by getting a massage. Ideally, this is done by a professional pain interventionist. Learn more about what this might look like. Alternatively, you can even do this one your own every day if the arthritis is in an easily-reached area.

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