How to Troubleshoot and Fix FaceTime Error on iPhone and iPad

The FacetTime application offers a free and advantageous approach to make video calls with other iPhone, iPad, and Mac clients. In spite of the fact that it works smoothly and consistently, you could run into issues once in a while.

You may come across a situation where you can’t begin or join FaceTime video and audio calls. Else, the FaceTime call keeps crashing during an on-going call.  This gets even more disappointing when you cannot detect the reason for such FaceTime errors and cannot fix it.

In case you’re facing issues with FaceTime on your iOS device, you don’t have to panic. There could be a few possible reasons for FaceTime not working, but it has the fix as well. Below, you’ll go through the important strides to identify and ideally fix FaceTime on your iPhone and iPad.

Ways to Troubleshoot and Fix the Issues on iPhone and iPad

Note: You can use these methods mentioned below to fix your FaceTime app on any iOS device you’re using.

Update the Software

The primary thing to check is if your iOS device is updated to its recent version. If not, update the device by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Click on the ‘General’ tab.
  • Hit the ‘Software Update’ option and check for updates.
  • In case there is an update available, you’ll be notified of the same. Click on the ‘Install Now’ button to start updating.

Use a Decent Network Connection

Having an internet connection that doesn’t work or is working slow can also come up with errors. Sometimes, the FaceTime call can crash because of a poor connection. To avoid any such errors, make sure to have a decent network connection or switch to an alternate plan.

Go Through FaceTime Settings

Apple accounts can also create issues with the FaceTime call. The least you could do is log out of the current Apple account you’re using, and then sign-in after a few seconds. This is most likely to fix the issue. Else, you can disable the FaceTime feature and try enabling it again after a while. To do the same, head to the Settings app and open the FaceTime tab. Next, click on your Apple ID and select ‘Sign Out’ from the pop-up menu.

Note: Carrier charges will apply when you use the SMS facility to activate FaceTime.

Use the ‘Reset Network Settings’

Networking issues can be a reason for the error occurring while you try to use the FaceTime app. However, the ‘Reset Network Settings’ can resolve the issue for the same. To reset the network settings, follow the step below:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Open the ‘General’ tab.
  • Scroll down and locate the ‘Reset’ option, and click on the same.
  • Select ‘Reset Network Settings’ in the next window.

Note: Once you perform the reset, you’ll lose all the Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi connections, and passwords. It is advised to keep a note of the passwords.

Check the Availability of FaceTime in Your Country

It is odd to say, but FaceTime isn’t supported by all the countries, including the Middle East. Not only this but if you purchase an iOS device from a region that does not support this feature, it won’t work anywhere.

Reboot Your iOS device

This is the last method to follow and try fixing the FaceTime error occurring on your device. Turn your device off for a while and then switch it on. Check if it has fixed the issue or not. If not, you may try to force reboot your device. On a device with a home button, press and hold the home and lock button together to force a reboot. While, if you’re using a device without a home button, press the volume up and down buttons one after another, and then hold the lock button.

All the fixes mentioned above should solve your FaceTime errors. In case it’s still not resolved, make sure to find out if there is an issue with the FaceTime account you’re trying to connect.

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