How to Troubleshoot Dota 2 Performance or Game Crashes Issues

So, you’re unable to play Dota 2 with your team or it is playing with difficulties. Playing an online multiplayer game with performance issue is very irritating. Possibly, this is annoying for you if you have a Dota team and play habitually with your friends. Dota 2 can be played on all popular operating systems, including Windows and macOS. But, the Windows users are mostly going through this problem. There can be multiple purposes for the performance or game crashes issues to occur is a device, and it can arise in any device or operating system. If you’re also going through this, then in this article you’ll get the troubleshooting solutions to recover the problem.

Dota 2 Performance

Here is how to troubleshoot Dota 2 performance and game crashes issues

·      Reboot your system

·      Stop your antivirus temporarily

·      Try running Steam with administrator access

·      Start Dota 2 with -autoconfig settings

·      Try running your game with -safe launch

Any of these solutions can fix the issue in your system, so start from the first and keep applying until the issue is resolved.

Reboot your system

Maybe a program is running in the background or foreground in the system affecting the game performance, resulting in crashing the game. Rebooting the system will close the running program and refresh the device memory. Therefore, you should try rebooting your system as you usually do.

When your computer starts again, open Dota 2 to check if it is running correctly.

Stop your antivirus temporarily

Windows Defender Firewall or other antivirus applications stop several programs from running. If anyone of these is activated in your system, then might be the reason for your problem. Stop the activated antivirus program in your system temporarily to determine if it is the reason.

Disable the antivirus program and check if Dota 2 still running in the issue. If Dota 2 works smoothly in your system after disabling the antivirus program, switch to a different antivirus. If disabling the antivirus won’t help, reactivate it before using the next fix.

Try running Steam with administrator access

Administrator account has more capabilities than standard user account, most of the applications and services work well with administrator privileges. Try using Steam with administrator access and then check your game if it runs smoothly. Here is how.

1.   Close Steam if it is already running. Right-click on the ‘Steam’ icon in the taskbar and click ‘Exit’ in the menu. If you don’t want anything to interfere in between, close all the running programs.

2.   Now, right-click on the ‘Steam’ icon.

3.   And, click ‘Run as administrator’ in the menu. User Account Control dialog opens on the screen asking you for permission. Click on ‘Yes’ to allow permission.

4.   Now, your game should run correctly.

Start Dota 2 with -autoconfig settings

You’ll find this option in the Steam settings. If the issue is occurring because of wrong configuration option then using -autoconfig will troubleshoot it. Here is how to launch Dota 2 with -autoconfig settings.

1.   Launch Steam.

2.   And go to ‘LIBRARY’ from the main screen. Click on the ‘LIBRARY’ at the top to open the Steam library.

3.   Look for Dota 2 under the library and right-click on it.

4.   Select ‘Properties’.

5.   Now, click on ‘SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…’ button under the GENERAL tab in the properties window.

6.   Clear if any launch is selected already.

7.   And enter “-autoconfig” into the box.

8.   Click ‘OK.’

Now, start your game and check for the issue.

Try running your game with -safe launch

If running Dota 2 with -autoconfig settings didn’t work, try running your game with -safe launch mode. Here is how.

1.   Launch Steam.

2.   And go to ‘LIBRARY’ from the main screen.

3.   Look for Dota 2 under the library and right-click on it.

4.   Select ‘Properties’.

5.   Now, click on ‘SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…’ button.

6.   Clear the Launch Options field.

7.   And, enter “-safe” into it.

8.   Click ‘OK.’

9.   Launch ‘Dota 2’. It should now run without any problem.

These are the most effective and simplest way to troubleshoot Dota 2 performance or game crashes issues. You can also adjust video settings, update the graphics driver, and reinstall Dota 2 or Steam to continue troubleshooting.

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