How to Troubleshoot Error Code 0x80071ac3 – The Volume is Dirty

Encountering an error while copying a file on your computer? Copying has been stopped and displaying an error message with the ‘Try Again’ button. Check the error code in the prompt; it must be 0x80071ac3. This problem doesn’t only happen while copying the files; Error 0x80071ac3 could also appear when the deleting process fails. Don’t worry! You aren’t the only one who is going through this. Many other Windows users often meet the same issue.

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Error 0x80071ac3 indicates that something is wrong with the file you’re copying or removing. There can be various reasons for the error to have occurred, such as damaged or corrupt USB port, malware or threats in the drive, outdated or corrupt device drivers, etc. As the problem “Error 0x80071ac3” has multiple reasons to arise, you’ll need to check everything and troubleshoot from the start.

Here is how to troubleshoot Error Code 0x80071ac3 – The Volume is Dirty

What can you do to fix Error 0x80071ac3 issue?

·      Scan the disk with chkdsk tool

·      Check and disable ReadyBoost feature

·      Try using another USB port

·      Update the device drivers

Scan the disk with chkdsk tool

As the Error 0x80071ac3 indicates ‘The volume is dirty,’ it means something is infected or corrupt in the drive. You should start by scanning the drive for bad sectors. Chkdsk or Check Disk is the Inbuilt Windows tool that can determine if any bad sector is causing the issue. It scans deep in the disk and also attempts to troubleshoot the bad sectors. Check Disk tool marks the issues as bad that it was unable to fix. You must have the administrator access to run it into your computer. Here is how to access and run Chkdsk.

1.   Use ‘Windows + R’ keyboard shortcut to open the Run dialog box.

2.   In the Run dialog that opens in the lower-left corner of your desktop, type ‘cmd’ and click ‘OK’ or press ‘Enter.’ This will open a command prompt window.

3.   Now, type “chkdsk VOLUME: /r” (without quotes) in command prompt. While entering the command, remember the following thing.

·      In place of VOLUME, enter the letter of the local disk that you want to scan and repair. For example, if Local Disk C is affected, then enter the command “chkdsk C:/r.”

4.   When you enter the command correctly, press ‘Enter’ to run.

5.   Check Disk tool start scanning and repairing the bad sectors that it can, and marks them which it can’t.

Check and disable ReadyBoost feature

ReadyBoost is an inbuilt Disk caching feature of the Windows operating system. It works as the performance booster by keeping the data as cache into the external USB device. Sometimes enabled ReadyBoost also leads to Error 0x80071ac3, and prevents the  OS from reading or writing the disk. Here is how to check and disable ReadyBoost feature.

1.   Open ‘This PC’ or ‘My Computer’ and right-click on the affected external USB drive.

2.   Click on ‘Properties’ at last.

3.   In the opened Properties dialog box, open the ‘ReadyBoost’ tab.

4.   Now, click the radio button of ‘Do not use this device.’

5.   Click on ‘Apply.’

6.   Then click ‘OK.’

Try using another USB port

A damaged USB port of your system can also raise the problem “Error 0x80071ac3” if the external storage device to which you’re transferring the data is connected to a corrupt USB port. Eject the USB storage drive from that USB port and hook up to another one. After doing so, check if it resolves the issue. If everything is fine, then there is something wrong with the first USB port. If the Error 0x80071ac3 persists, continue troubleshooting with the next solution.

Update the device drivers

Your device drivers might be outdated or corrupted, and this may be the cause of Windows failing to communicate with the external storage device.  Locate to the Device Manager and check the drivers installed in your computer. Use the below steps to update device drivers, if you found them defective or outdated.

1.   Press ‘Windows + X’ buttons together and select ‘Device Manager’ from the popup menu.

2.   Under the Device Manager window, click on ‘Disk drives’ category.

3.   Now, right-click on the affected external storage device and select ‘Uninstall.’

4.   When prompted to confirm, click on ‘OK.’

5.   After the process completes, eject the USB device and reboot your computer.

6.   Now, again go the ‘Device Manager’ and open ‘Action’ tab.

7.   Click ‘Scan for Hardware Changes’.

8.   Wait for the Windows to reinstall the drivers.

Hope these solutions troubleshoot Error Code 0x80071ac3 – The Volume is Dirty issue in your system.

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