Gmail is a reliable, comprehensive, and convenient email service provided by Google. As is it a Google product, it rapidly gained popularity and users. Gmail is the leading email service today with plenty of valuable features to make the entire emailing experience much easier to follow. This email service provides features such as automatic email filtering/categorization, smart compose and smart reply, email nudges and high priority notifications, and more. Gmail comprises a simple design that allows users to quickly grasp how they can operate it for their daily email exchange. Similar to all other email services, Gmail can also misbehave while functioning. Some users report Gmail not loading on their device as one of the most common problems. You will find the steps to fix this problem in this blog.


There are several things you can try if Gmail won’t load on your device. A few solutions are mentioned below; please try each one until you find the one that fixes the problem.

Browser compatibility with Gmail

  • Ensure that the browser you use is compatible with Gmail. Usually, Google Chrome, Safari, and FireFox work perfectly fine with Gmail.
  • However, if you use one of the above web browsers and Gmail still doesn’t load, you should enable cookies and JavaScript on your web browser.

Browser extensions or plug-ins

  • An additional extension or plug-in may result in Gmail not working as some extensions cause a hindrance when operating certain websites, hence, causing the websites to misbehave.
  • You can ensure that a conflicting extension is not why temporarily disabling them and trying to open Gmail.
  • If it works, one of the extensions is at fault. However, if it doesn’t, you can enable all your extensions back as they aren’t causing the problem.

Clear browser cache and cookies

  • The cache is the temporary data files that browsers save of websites so they can open faster.
  • It does not hold any important information so that you can delete it fearlessly.
  • At times, cache storage can negatively affect your browser’s performance.
  • Hence, it would be best for you to delete the cache and cookies of your web browser to fix Gmail not loading.

If none of those mentioned above solutions fix the issue for you, you can check whether the Gmail server is down by visiting The other solutions include temporarily disabling antivirus software. Lastly, ensure that you have a stable and secure internet connection as Gmail is a web-based email service and requires an internet connection to function smoothly. For more information regarding Gmail or problem related to it, you can check our other blogs.

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