How to troubleshoot language error in Office installation package?

Those who don’t want to access the advanced features as well as applications of MS Office prefer using its 2007 version. Its feature of letting the users, access Office Open XML files has made it even more popular. So, if you are also trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 through and finding an error, which says “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system”, then we can surely help you out. But before moving ahead towards the troubleshooting steps, let’s make you aware of the possible reasons that can cause this error:

  1. You might be trying to install an East Asian version of the product. This normally occurs if you are using Windows 2003 or XP
  2. The format of the source file could be .iso or .img
  3. If the source file is in .exe format, then it could lead to this error
  4. There must be some fault in the CD drive

Steps to fix this error

In this section, we will provide you solutions for all the aforementioned possibilities. Have a look:

For Cause 1


  1. Press Windows + R key
  2. Type intl.cpl in the run box
  3. Click Ok
  4. Choose the language tab and open Supplement language support to do the following
  • Install files for East language check box
  • Install files for complex script and right-to-left language check box
  • Click Ok
  1. Insert the Windows server 2003 CD, when prompted. Don’t forget to mention the network location where the files are located
  2. Restart the computer once done!

For Cause 2

  1. Re-extract the setup files from the source files
  2. Once done, try doing the same using a different utility or tool

For Cause 3

  1. Avoid using any utility like Winzip or 7zip
  2. For a self extracting .exe file, it is easy to run the setup directly
  3. In case you want to modify some of the .exe files, try the following steps:
  • Press Windows + R key
  • Drag and drop the .exe file in the run box
  • Put the symbols /? (forward slash and question mark) in the end of path name
  1. In case of a self-extracting file, you may be prompted with the following options:
  • [like /q: quiet installation mode

/extract:<drive>\folder To extract the files ]

  1. In this case, click Ok available on the prompted window and follow the path:
  • Start -> Run -> drag and drop the executable files
  • Add the parameter /extract:<path>
  • Click Ok
  • Open the folder and run the needed setup file
  • You can also run the installation without extracting the files

For Cause 4

  1. Try to copy the files from the CD to the hard drive
  2. Run the setup from the hard disk location
  3. If it doesn’t works, then visit or try to install Office 2007 on a different computer system

Hope, the aforementioned information works for you!

Happy Troubleshooting!


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