How to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 557?

While installing or updating their copy of QuickBooks, users of the QuickBooks Desktop application encounter various error codes. One error that we shall be discussing today is the QuickBooks error 557. This error could also appear if your computer’s disc space is low or if the syntax is incorrect. We have offered several solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 557 in this article. Users are advised to carefully follow all of the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article in order to ensure that the error is eliminated from the system. For support, feel free to communicate with our cordial experts at 1 800 761 1787.

What leads to QuickBooks Error 557?

Review the various contributing factors listed below that could cause QuickBooks Error code 557.

  • An incomplete update installation for QuickBooks may be the cause of this error.
  • A sudden system shutdown may also be the main cause of this error.
  • A virus or malware attack could affect crucial QuickBooks files by infecting the system.
  • The error could also be caused by incorrect QuickBooks application settings.

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How to fix Error 557 in QuickBooks

The various approaches/methods for resolving this QuickBooks error are given as follows:

1st Method: Delete the Entitlement file

  • Open Windows File Explorer by pressing Windows + E, and then navigate to the “C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv8”
  • Click the right mouse button to select the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  • Select Delete; then, to confirm your selection, press the Yes button.
  • Open QuickBooks and activate it by entering the necessary product registration data when necessary.
  • After installing the updates for QuickBooks Desktop, reinstall the payroll updates.

2nd Method: Check if QuickBooks Subscription is Active or Expired

  • Utilize the QuickBooks CAMP’s login page to access your QuickBooks account.
  • Go to the Manage your QuickBooks page and choose the item you want to reactivate.
  • Under the Product & Services section, click the Payroll Subscription tab.


  • You can see the status of your payroll subscription in the blue toolbar.
  • If your payroll service’s status is cancelled, select Re-subscribe and double-check all the information on the ensuing screen.
  • Check that all of the information in the Reactivate Subscription fields is accurate.
  • Click Save and Continue after verifying the billing and subscription information.
  • When you’re done, click Reactivate to reactivate your subscription, and then click Got it.
  • To see if error 557 has been resolved, try re-launching QuickBooks and updating the payroll.

3rd Method: Opting for System Restore

  • To log into your computer, use the Administrator user name and password.
  • After choosing the Accessories tab, choose System Tools. Select the System Restore option in this case.
  • Decide between a restore point you previously created and one that was generated right away.
  • Select Next, then wait for the System Restore to start.


  • After System restoring is complete, restart Windows.
  • After the restore process is complete, restart QuickBooks.

4th Method: Go for a complete system scan

Do complete system’s scan and fix any diagnosed viruses.

At this stage, our support team hopes that you should be able to fix QuickBooks Error 557 without facing any hindrance. However, if you get impeded by difficulties, you may call our QuickBooks experts anytime at 1 800 761 1787.

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