How to Troubleshoot Surface Screen Rotation Issues

Surface devices are designed with a motion sensor that rotates the device’s screen to landscape or portrait mode automatically according to the orientation of the display. It is the Auto-rotation feature in your Surface that rotates the screen automatically as you turn your device. You can easily disable or enable this feature from your Surface settings. Some Surface users are facing trouble with the auto screen rotation on their device; their device’s screen doesn’t rotate automatically. If the auto-rotation feature is unlocked, still your Surface screen is not rotating automatically, try the following troubleshooting solutions to troubleshoot Surface screen rotation issues.
Fix 1: Disconnect the connected devices
Fix 2: Make sure Rotation lock is off
Fix 3: Restart your Surface device
Fix 4: Use the Sensor Troubleshooter
Fix 5: Update your Surface and Windows
Fix 6: Reset your Surface
Use these according to the given order to troubleshoot Surface screen rotation issues on your Surface. Here are the instructions to perform the above solutions.
Fix 1: Disconnect the connected devices
The screen of the Surface rotates automatically in the landscape mode when it is connected to a second display, or Surface Typing Cover is used for typing, might be these accessories are causing the screen rotation problems. To check whether a connected device is creating the rotation problems,
1.     Disconnect the external display, keyboard, dock, or the device you connected with your Surface.
2.    After removing the devices, change your Surface orientation and see if the screen is rotating automatically or not.
If the screen is still not rotating automatically, try Fix 2.
Fix 2: Make sure Rotation lock is off
Screen lock is a feature that locks the Surface screen and prevents it from auto rotate. Once the Screen lock has been enabled,  your Surface screen stop rotating automatically. Maybe you’ve activated the Rotation lock accidentally. Go with the below points to verify and disable Rotation Lock on Surface.
1.    Press the ‘Win + A’ key on the keyboard to access the Action Center. If there isn’t any keyboard attached to your device, then swipe from the right side of the display or click on the ‘Action Center’ button in the taskbar.
2.    Check here whether the Rotation lock is off. If it is enabled (blue icon), click on ‘Rotation lock’ tile to turn it off (dim icon).
Now, change your Surface orientation and see if the screen is rotating automatically or not. Still not? Go ahead.
Fix 3: Restart your Surface device
Maybe you’ve tried this already if you haven’t tried yet, follow these steps. Before you begin, make sure to close all the programs and folders.
1.    Open ‘Start.’
2.    Click on ‘Power.’
3.    Then select ‘Shutdown.’ Your Surface device will turn off, don’t start it immediately.
4.    Now, press the ‘Power’ button to restart your Surface.
5.    Log in to Windows.
Now, turn your Surface and see if the screen rotates automatically. If restarting your Surface device won’t troubleshoot the Surface screen rotation issue, try the next solution.
Fix 4: Use the Sensor Troubleshooter
Try running the Screen Troubleshooter from Microsoft on your Surface device. The program scans your machine, detects the problem with the sensors, including motion sensor, and repairs them. You may need to download Sensor Troubleshooter on your Surface. To run Sensor Troubleshooter, follow these steps.
1.    Go to “” to download the Sensor Troubleshooter.
2.    Open the downloaded file. You’ll see Sensor Troubleshooter on your screen.
3.    Hit the ‘Next’ button. It will start searching for the problems and fix most of them.
4.    Click ‘Close’.
After running Sensor Troubleshooter, change your Surface device orientation, and check if auto-rotation works.
Fix 5: Update your Surface and Windows
Though it’s rare, driver issue could cause the screen rotation issue. But before you reset your device, you should try updating your Surface device including your Windows, accelerometer and other sensors. If the auto-rotation is not working because of defected drivers, then updating will fix the issue.
Fix 6: Restore your Surface
If still you’re having the problem with auto-rotation, restore your Surface device.
Note: Restoring will remove the recently installed drivers, apps and undo the recent system changes.
To reset or restore a Surface:
1.    Open ‘Start.’
2.    Open ‘Settings’
3.    Select ‘Update & Security’.
4.    Go to ‘Recovery.’
5.    Click on ‘Get Started’ in the Reset this PC section.
6.    Select an option.
After the restoring completes, rotate your Surface device and see if the screen rotates automatically. These fixes can troubleshoot screen rotation issues on any Surface device.
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