How to Unblock Adobe Flash Content in Your Browser

Several Windows block Adobe Flash player content while browsing the internet. On the other hand, they often feel the need of unlocking the content of Adobe Flash player in their browser. If you are one of the users who feel the same then you can do this task in no time by applying the methods I have mentioned below.

Here are the steps to unblock Adobe Flash content in your browser

By Unlocking Adobe Flash in your Edge browser

In case the Adobe Flash Player content is already blocked the prompt box which is not able to launch, you have to change the Adobe Flash Player setting on your Microsoft Edge browser. To do so, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • For this procedure, choose the Settings and More option.
  • It is located at the upper right-hand side of the Edge browser.
  • Choose the Settings tab.
  • Click on the View advanced settings tab.
  • It will launch the View advanced settings option.
  • Enable the Use Adobe Flash Player option.

By Unlocking Adobe Flash in your Chrome browser.

Google Chrome executes the Adobe Flash player on one click. The browsing application starts highlighting the Flash content on the webpages, which has a jigsaw piece symbol.

In case you receive a text in your Google Chrome browser which indicates that the Adobe Flash Player Content is already blocked, then you have to press on the jigsaw piece symbol. Click on the Allow option.

In case you choose the Allow option to execute the many contents, you have to configure the Google Chrome Flash setting tab, which is mentioned below:

  • Click the Customize Google Chrome option.
  • This option helps you to launch the internet browser list.
  • Press the Settings tab.
  • This lets you launch a new window.
  • Go to the end of the webpage.
  • Click on the Advances option.
  • Then, choose the Contents settings tav.
  • Choose the Flash option.
  • This option lets you launch the Flash option.
  • Start unblocking the Adobe Flash content by changing the Block sites from executing the Flash to the Ask first option.
  • You need to place the sites to Allow menu list.
  • This menu list lets you turn on the Adobe Flash Player.
  • For this procedure, choose the Add option.
  • Enter the link of the site.
  • Choose the Add option.

By Choosing always activate Flash in your  Firefox browser

The browsing application will show a symbol of the Adobe Flash multimedia while opening the page. Press on the symbol and choose the Allow option. These options help you to unblock the multimedia content file. In case the Adobe Flash Player content is already blocked in your Mozilla Firefox browser, then turn it on all the sites by going through the instructions mentioned below:

  • Click the Open menu list.
  • It is given at the upper right-hand side of the Firefox browsing application.
  • Press the Add-ons option.
  • This option lets you launch the tab.
  • After following all these steps, choose the Plug-ins option.
  • This option lets you launch the plug-ins menu list.
  • Choose the Always Activate option.
  • You will get this option on the pull-down list of the Adobe Flash Player.


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