How to Unblock and Access a Blocked Website

Bans and restrictions on websites are really annoying. Once a website is blocked for you, using that website is far away, you can’t even open it. If you still wish to use such sites, then here are some ways to unblock and access a blocked website.

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Various ways to unblock a blocked website:

•    Search with IP address

•    Use your Mobile

•    Load an older version of the website

•    Open with anonymous web proxy

•    Try to use the website for another region

•    Try URL Redirect or Shortening Tool

These are some of the most simple methods that you can try to open a blocked website. Start from the first method and stop when a method works for you. Here is how these methods work and how can you perform this on your device.

Search with IP address

Mostly all people use keywords and website’s URL address to search or open websites. As it is the simplest and quickest trick to find anything on the internet. But, if you want to access a blocked website, try using the website’s IP address instead of the domain name. Internet Protocol address is a numerical code with dots that is assigned to your device when it connects to the internet. First, you need to discover the IP address of the blocked website that you want to open. You can find your website’s IP address by using your computer’s feature as well as with tools like ‘Whois Domain Tools’ and ‘Netcraft.’ After getting the IP address, try opening the website through it.

Use your Mobile

Every website has multiple versions. You may have seen the Facebook homepage looks different on mobile devices and different on computers. This is all because of the versions of the websites. You can try accessing the mobile version of the site that is blocked for you. To load the website’s mobile version, you need to use the mobile web on your device. If you’re going to use your Smartphone, then disable the Wi-Fi and use mobile data to access the site.

Load an older version of the website

Maybe you know or not when you visit a website its data stored in your device in the form of Cache and Cookies. So that next time, when you revisit the site, it will load quickly. It’s also a great way to access blocked websites. You can find an older version of the sites by searching for “cache:” from Google’s home page. Change SITENAME with the blocked website you want to open. This will load the website’s version that you’ve opened last time in the browser.

Open with anonymous web proxy

It is the most common method, and you might also have heard about it. A web proxy is a way to hide your identity from the websites that you open on the web. Anonymous web proxy hides your original IP address and replaces it with its own temporary IP address. This makes you able to access your blocked websites. If any site is restricted in your country, you can also visit them with the anonymous web proxy as another country’s user.

Try to use the website for another region

Nowadays, websites offer various languages for different areas. Sometimes they also have a different domain address for different countries. Try opening the website with another extension. Once you find the site, open it either it is in any other language. Now, use the translations tool to change the content in your preferred language.

Try URL Redirect or Shortening Tool

URL Shortening tool converts the website’s original address and makes it shorter that can be easily used anywhere. There are a lot of URL Shortening tools you can use to shorten a website’s address. Maybe you’re thinking how this will open a blocked website for you. This works the same as another address and may open your blocked website.  Copy the main URL of the site that is not opening, then convert it into short with UBL shortening tool. After that, use the converted short address to access the site.

Hope these methods will work for your blocked websites, and you’ll be able to access them.

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