How to uninstall McAfee Family Protection?

McAfee Family Protection application helps you to keep eye on your kid’s device activity. It allows you to take care of your kid’s activity from application and website access to current location and checked-in places. The application features are so advanced and unique that you can customize your kid’s need as per their age. You can also navigate your children on a live map and receive automated notifications the moment they enter or leave familiar places like school, library, and park or game station.

McAfee Family Protection

There is an exception with every rule so goes with family protection. But, now McAfee is no longer able to support your android, apple or any other device. So it’s better to uninstall this McAfee Family Protection application from your device to keep your device safe and virus free.

How to uninstall McAfee Family Protection

Use the steps below to eliminate Family Protection application from your Windows or Mac PC, or your Android device to keep your gadgets safe and secure.

On Windows or Mac computers, might be you require an uninstall code to uninstall Family Protection application.

Use the following procedure to generate the code: 

  1. Log on to Family Protection on Windows or Mac using your administrator credentials.
  2. Click Get Uninstall Code. Make a note of this code and use it if prompted as you follow the steps below. Otherwise, the uninstall code will expire at midnight.
  3. Click Done.

It used to be possible to create the uninstall code from the Family Protection Administrator app, but you can no longer do this.

  1. When you have your uninstall code with you, follow the steps in the given below, depending on your platform. Before you start to uninstall this application ensures that:
  • To keep away your PC from running out of battery during the process, your PC or Mac is plugged in to AC power
  • All users are logged out.
  • We suggested rebooting your PC or Mac to ensure no users are logged on.

How to remove Family Protection from your Windows computer

First thing you need to restart your PC at the end of these steps, so kindly save all your important documents now and close all or any open applications.

  1. Follow the steps for your version of Windows:

Windows 10:

  • Click Start.
  • Type Family in the search bar
  • Then select Remove Family Protection.
  • Click yes if prompted by User Account Control.

Windows 8.x, 7.x:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Programs or All Programs depending on your Windows version
  3. Click McAfee Family Protection
  4. Select Remove Family Protection.
  5. Click Allow if prompted by user account control.
  6. Select Remove in the removal wizard.
  7. Click Next.

Now you need to Type following steps:

  • Your Family Protection admin credentials
  • Your Uninstall code (if you are prompted for it)
  1. Click Next to start removing Family Protection.
  2. Accept any further security prompts.
  3. At the end of the removal process, select Yes, I want to restart my computer now.
  4. Click Finish.

How to remove Family Protection from your Mac:

You need to restart your Mac at the end of below mentioned steps, so save important work and close open applications.

  • Log on to McAfee Family Protection with your administrator credentials.
  • Click the McAfee Family Protection menu.
  • Select Uninstall McAfee Family Protection.

Now you need to Type these details:

  • Your Family Protection admin credentials
  • Your Mac admin credentials
  • Your Uninstall code, if you are prompted for it
  • Click Next to start to remove Family Protection.
  • Wait for the removal process to finish. Accept all security prompts.
  • Restart your Mac.

How to remove Family Protection from your Android device:

If Family Protection appears under the Device Administrator list, you must eliminate it before you uninstall the application. To remove Family Protection from the Device Administrator list:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Location & Security.
  • Tap Device Administrators.
  • Deselect Family Protection.
  • To remove the Family Protection app from your device:
  • Touch the launcher and select Settings from the App screen.
  • Tap Manage Applications.

Some Android versions might require you to tap Applications, then Manage Applications.

Select Family Protection.

You need to type:

  • Your administrator user name
  • Your administrator password

Follow afore mentioned instructions to complete the removal process. To keep your device safe and secure from any virus install and activate total security application by

If you still face problem getting your uninstall code, contact our technical support number to get rid of this problem our technical experts are here to solve your technical issues.


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