How to Unlock All Characters in Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros comprises of most numbers of characters lineup and though it is a significant factor for making this game so popular among gamers. Although the game consists of 78 characters, it is pretty unfortunate that the players are grants to only access limited eight characters. This is pretty annoying though a significant flaw. Thus below, we have provided specific ways to brief you about methods to unlock all the characters in Super Smash Bros. There are three possible ways to accomplish the unlocking of all characters, and beneath, we have separately illustrated each.

Use Light Story Mode

It is a story mode aspect of Super Smash Bros in which requires to initiate with Kirby region and migrate them to adventure mode. In the adventure mode, players need to accomplish a lot of challenges. Once the player completes all of them, then they can head to unlock certain characters that this mode consists.

However, it is tough to unlock the character without accomplishing challenges because it is quite intricate to track down the characters on the map. It is recommended to go with the completion of these adventurous tasks and then unlock the available characters.

Use Classic Mode

It is a retain feature from the previous version, which allows the player to fight with a variety of opponents alongside CPU in the end. Once, players defeat all the enemies, then they can head to the unlocking of available characters in the mode. However, this unlocking can be a bit confusing, but players need to read the below, then written list of unlocking the trees attentively. Make sure that these trees must be unlocked in the written specific way only.

  • SAMUS TREE: First SAMUS, then INKLING, then WII FIT TRAINER, then PIT, then INCENAROAR, then DARK SAMUS, then CLOUD, then WARIO, then DARK PIT and in the end SONIC.
  • YOSHI TREE: First, YOSHI, then LUCARIO then MARTH then RYU, then GANONDORF, then  LUCINA, then  RIDLEY, then CHROM, then KEN, SONIC.
  • KIRBY TREE: First, KIRBY, then NESS, then JIGGLY PUFF, then PAC, then MAN, then ZELDA, then ROBIN, then  CORRIN, then LUCAS, then  PALUTENA, then  SONIC.
  • FOX TREE: FOX ,then CAPTAIN FALCON ,then ZERO SUIT SAMUS ,then PEACH ,then FALCO ,then  DAISY ,then  BOWSER JUNIOR ,then  WOLF ,then MEWTWO ,then SONIC.
  • PIKACHU TREE: PIKACHU, then VILLAGER, then SHULK, then R.O.B., then MEGAMAN, then  ISABELLE, then  MR. GAME AND WATCH, then  PICHU, then  SONIC, then BAYONETTA.
  • MARIO TREE: MARIO,then  SONIC ,then  BAYONETTA ,then  LITTLE MAC,then IKE,then LUIGI ,then  ROY ,then  DOCTOR MARIO ,then  OLIMAR ,then  BOWSER.
  • LINK TREE: LINK, then KING K ROOL, then ICE CLIMBERS, then SIMON, then META KNIGHT, then  SNAKE, then  YOUNG LINK, then  RICHTER, then  TOON LINK, then  SONIC.

Smash Mode

This is one of the easiest ways to unlock the characters because after you defeat any challenger, it will automatically include in your team by the game. Although there is a flaw in it too, which is to accomplish the fight before 10 minutes. However, 10 minutes are enough to thrash out any opponent in Super Smash bros. Players need to prepare a strategy before heading to the fight to attain some convenience.


we hope that you will find this article helpful, and if you want to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you can attain its gaming fun on Nintendo Switch.

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