How to Unlock Shirtless Aquaman Skin in Fortnite Season 3

The new season of Fortnite has inspired DC’s popular character; Aquaman. It’s all been done under a proper contract between Epic Games and DC. Thus, almost 90% of the landscape of Fortnite has now submerged into water. Alongside, there are various outfits and Skin available in Fortnite that resemble Aquaman’s belongings.

How to Unlock Shirtless Aquaman Skin in Fortnite Season 3

Through the arrival of Season 3, a new set of Weekly challenges also arrives in the game along with it, and those challenges are also known as Aquaman Challenges because the reward for their accomplishment is the Skin of Aquaman. The reward and the challenges are still open for the gamers, and in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about the ways to unlock Aquaman Skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

How to Unlock Shirtless Aquaman Skin

The gamers have to accomplish at least five quests from the challenges to unlock the shirtless Aquaman Skin. First, there are few things that gamers need to know; Aquaman Skin is available in two variants in Fortnite. The first one is the simple one that is inspired by the Movie while the other one is the Shirtless Skin that most gamers are trying to seek. The first thing gamers have to do is to buy a Battle Pass because it is the simplest way to get hands-on Aquaman skins. Gamers can purchase the battle pass is 10$.

Although most likely there will be numerous gamers who will not be able to buy Battle Pass, thus they need to accomplish the missions of Aquaman. However, these missions will be available only after July 16th, so until then, gamers need to wait.

Alternatively, there is one more way to get the shirtless Aquaman skin; gamers need to accomplish the weekly challenges to obtain a Battle Pass for free. Although, the following task requires the gamers to at least complete five quests from seven. However, few of them are a bit intricate while most of them are quite simple to handle. Each quest will provide a whopping 15,000 XP to the gamers, and it will increase their level in the Battle Pass. Two quests from the challenges are rewarding the gamers with 30,000 XP instead of 15,000, so we advise gamers to focus on them. The first one is the Whirlpool challenge in which gamers have to swim for at least 10 seconds. While the other one requires the gamers to ride the sharks using fishing rods.

Once gamers successfully obtain the Battle Pass, then they need to unlock the Aquaman skin; however, still, there is one more step to complete. Gamers have to wear the Skin and then requires to dive in the waterfall located at Gorgeous George location. Once gamers successfully complete this task, then they will be rewarded with a shirtless Aquaman skin.

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